The Big Bang Theory Final Episode Table Read Cast Reaction

Published 2020-01-03
Watch as the cast of TBBT react to the last table read and get emotional.

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  • ben dickson
    I've never been a fan of the show. But you can not say the actors didn't love what they did
  • Laniakea
    I can't believe that the show that made me become a Physics PhD is over. Thank you, TBBT
  • blood hunter
    Funny that only Jim Parsons didn't cry. Kinda fits to Sheldon.
  • Acp 42
    How many people had tears in their eyes just watching this clip
  • VeryMarga
    For some reason, seeing the actor who played Stuart crying seems normal.
  • I loved how Mayim was trying to keep it together for the girls and comforting them, but as soon as the song started she lost it completely. She was the last one of the main cast to be hired and wasn't even gonna be that much of an important part but she just made Amy her own. Excellent show!!!
  • Nameless Ghoul
    After all these years, i never thought that the opening song can actually make you cry.
  • sebiieex
    I never even stopped to think that the actors that give us these shows, would be just as sad to see it go as we are.
  • Aayushi
    The ending was.. perfect. I think the hardest to see crying was Kunal.. damn.
  • Seeing their tears around the table reading with Jim giving the last speech and word of the show only shows how much their friendships they built over 12 years and seasons was more than just friendship; they became one big happy family, the show could not have ended on a more perfect note, and even the tears in the final scene I know were real, you don’t make a show that lasts more than a decade without it becoming something more than a piece of entertainment to an audience, fame or fortune, it was one BIG BANG of a journey and it ended just as it all started with a BIG BANG. I will miss it just as they will but rewatch all of my favourite moments, all of their best moments because they made something that will never be forgotten.
    To the cast and crew of the Big Bang Theory.
    THANK YOU ❤️🎉🎊🤩😖😢
  • Jamie MacLaren
    I’m crying. Many times I’d rather watch reruns of this show than anything new out there. Thank you all.
  • Heyho Brando
    The fact the actors cried it shows that they cared about this it wasn't just about money they cared for this show so much
  • Lady StormRyder
    Crying. After so many years working with fellow actors, you aren’t just a “fellow actor” anymore. You’re family. Final episodes are hard, it’s breaking up the family.
  • Harsh S Ranjan
    I just finished the most special series of my life! It made me bawl like a kid!
    Best series and will have a special place in my heart 😭🤧
    Thank you TBBT for all the beautiful memories and the things I've learnt 🫶🏻
  • Viviane Pedroso
    😥😍❤ amo The Big Bang Theory. Mas entendo que o ciclo se fechou. Série maravilhosa 😍❤
  • Cheesed Pop
    12 years, 279 episodes, and a ride we will never forget. You made us laugh, you made us cry, you gave us something few shows seem to do these days; combine fun and science into a sitcom for the world to enjoy. Farewell Big Bang Theory, you had a glorious run, but now it’s time to say goodbye. You will forever remain in our hearts, and will always be a form of laughter that we can come back to and love for decades to come.

    Goodbye Big Bang Theory, you are and forever will be missed by people around the globe for many generations.
  • Unknown Person
    The feeling it hit hard. They been working together from 2007-2019. Almost every day. It was like a ride they had and they reach their final destination.