Evolution Of The Modern Spacesuit [4K] | Zenith | Spark

Published 2022-08-31

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  • William Smith
    Can you provide more detailed information on the current spacesuits?
  • Sculpture's Hard
    Been fascinated with spacesuits since I was a young lad in the era of Mercury, Gus Grissom being my hero in it all, and I was deeply saddened when he died unnecessarily. Besides the marvellous spacesuits depicted in 2001 a Space Odyssey, I loved the flashy Mercury suits right through to Apollo and would like to see pics and commentary on the new and proposed designs of the Moon and Mars suits
  • Fredrick Hinojosa
    I'll tell you the shuttle launch was something everyone needed to see up close every time the shuttle launched I could hear the star-spangled banner playing in my head I saw a nighttime launch from a three-story building in Daytona beach it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen besides my son being born. It was a clear night and the cloud made by the shuttle's engines just hung in the air from the surface of cape Canaveral no. 39 launch pad to lower orbit of the earth's atmosphere a long arch of red cloud turning orange as it came out of the shuttle. Just a stunning sight! One of the best memories, even the angels will go WOW as they watch my memories as my life flashes before me and them ha ha ha .With a memory like that they my forget to judge me at least for just a moment !
  • I always wonder how far someone in a pressure suit and a “flying squirrel” wing suit could glide from ultra high altitude? Hundreds of miles? Who knows..
  • James Mitchell
    I feel like space missions should have ALWAYS been a joint effort between counties and not competition. We are of the same spiecies....so the best technology should have always been shared for human safety no matter where it came from. I would imagine this may be the way it is now...if not it should be.
  • Brandon Catuara
    It’s amazing that we have the technology to put humans in space but we also have the technology so humans don’t have to go into space
  • Ricky Barber
    They sure have evolved, from Sears and Roebuck, to Monkeywards, to JC Penny's, to Target and now to Wal-Mart. Nothing like a top of the line Spacesuit from Wal-Mart to save a dollar. LOL 😆. I think that you can order Lunar Rovers on line from Wal-Mart too 🤣.
  • Mr S
    I loved this
  • ninetwenty
    Great info. annoying music....loud and distracting
  • Donna Vaughn
    I pay more attention and am more entertained by british speakers
  • SomeUserInternet
    Why there is a UNICEF fundraising link here? What it has to do with Spacesuit?