The Graham Norton Show FULL S20E17 Annette Bening, Andrew Garfield, et al.

Published 2017-02-04
Annette Bening, Andrew Garfield, Asa Butterfield, Harriet Harman, Elbow

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  • @Ab1g4il
    everyone being talkative and confident and then Asa being a cute small kid. adorable.
  • Andrew seems so passionate when talking about the characters he plays and the productions overall - something lovely to see showing how worthy he is of that nomination
  • @reidsusan4
    This is one of the best I’ve seen. Watching this on Jan 19 2022. So refreshing to see people just talking about politics without trashing each other, and how bang on they are.
  • @carmel3613
    Gosh Andrew introduced his characters beautifully! I was so moved.
  • @mecredi73
    Absolutely fabulous show. All of the guests were very sweet and unassuming. Elbow is amazing as well.
  • @ardeshirmistry
    The band, elbow, their performance was stunning, especially the string section, thank you :)
  • @yengsabio5315
    "Silence" and "Hacksaw Ridge" are great films! I think it brought method acting out of Mr. Garfield! Lots'a love, cheers, & Mabuhay, from tropical Philippines!
  • @bennyton2560
    22:11 Andrew laughs like that person who laughs before the jokes finishes lmao
  • @Rony2453
    I went to a silent retreat. It is wonderful.
  • @ukmachloop
    best thing about this episode, Elbow.......Magnificient
  • @prajullas
    Shadow Heart you are a sweet heart.
  • @kirbyhans5261
    Andrew Garfield reminds me of Anthony Perkins, a little bit in looks but mostly mannerisms.
  • Andrew Garfield looks younger now than he does in this interview