I Made 100 Players Simulate WAR in Minecraft...

Published 2022-10-02
Imagine if a modern war was recreated in Minecraft, with guns, vehicles, rebel factions, and 100 players split into three different nations. We created a public server with a giant war-torn map, and split players into three teams with unique abilities. Their mission is to build a base, and defeat the other teams in a devastating war. They’ll also have to survive several world events, like rebel invasions, the trials of winter, and deadly radiation poisoning from a nuclear bunker. Players are also set to harcore mode, so once they die, their nations will have to soldier on without them. Which nation will gather the most advanced weapons and come out on top? Find out as 100 Players simulate the story of Minecraft’s WAR!

Thank you to all of the players who joined us! We hope you enjoyed helping craft this story together!

All Comments (21)
  • LongShot1225
    The ending was the best. Half a heart, outnumber, and with only one single rocket against a moving target. FlushGun deserve to win.
  • GUYspap
    This doesn't even feel like an event, it feels semented into history
  • AlmightyToast35
    I am really happy to have been a part of this event. From being a farmer to the guy who struck my foes down with a nuke and a rocket launcher, it was truly a great time. Long live the legacy of Stormrun!!!
  • Dodo givens
    The water tribe could have used their water-breathing to build a base deep under water so the other tribe's would die under water
  • TotallyNotUnnamed
    When you realise that this actually fits into the LoreCract name with the fact that this could be "The First Minecraft War"
  • Ezra Jennison
    I love civilization events, and this one being very unique makes me think there should be more civilization events with custom weapons
  • Crystal And Crew
    It was so much fun! I might have been upset I died but the team did amazing and I’m proud of us. THE STORM LIVES ON!!!!
  • Lyla Stevens
    That last half a heart aquaria soldier was a legend mate. Don’t get me wrong like I wanted almighty toast to win. But half a heart solider guy deserved that win, if it wasn’t for his amazing shot then he’d be a goner. Literally all hands to him, he deserved that. He managed to survived and with his salvaged half a heart he managed to take out an enemy plane and win for his team
  • Hisozo
    It was so fun being a part of this event and seeing how Stormrun survived till the end was great. The Storm Never Dies!!!
  • abandonded
    This video is awesome lorecraft, Good job! combining history with games always leads to cool things, but this takes the cake!
    very underrated aswell, deserves more popularity.
  • CaliCracks
    I love the accurate gun models. They're all WW2 era guns, all german besides the shotgun, so that's pretty sick. Maybe this little conflict was a side effect of World War 2?
  • Joker
    Northguard, Stormrun, and Aquaria sound like faction names that would be in an Elder Scrolls game
  • IsKevin
    Honestly, LoreCraft is just killing YouTube right now. Mad respect for this guy! Cheers man.
  • Doctor Salt
    I signed up for the event but wasn't even able to participate because I was busy that day. At least my best friend, sunfire, was able to. I can't believe they thought he was a spy lol.
  • mee091000
    Surprised no one tried to capture the rebel npcs and use them as defenses at the decoy base
  • mee091000
    Kind of sucks how little of them were left by the time the nuke was acquired
  • derpy doge
    Imagine you did this with thousands of players in a recreation of the world map, that would be really awsome
  • TObi4z
    Wish it was bedrock then I’d get to play! Looks so much fun! I bet y’all had a blast!
  • Soupy Mittens
    I feel like 100 players isnt really enough, it gives too much importance to each soldier and makes the battles a bit less chaotic