Minecraft's Deadliest Would You Rather

Published 2023-06-02

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  • @Trumaineuim
    It felt like the real point of this video was stabbing your friends in a block game! Also there was so many parts that made me laugh good job!
  • @orangepacker7479
    My play style is similar to yours so the axe duel was very instructive for me. Going to try for t3 this summer 👍 Thanks
  • @orangepacker7479
    I bet a lot of people didn’t know leytrex was this cracked 😂
  • @7GTmc
    The leytrex vs sharpness duel was very entertaining, keep it up!
  • @Lucius__
    Would you rather get how did we get here or get top stats in every pvp legacy gamemode?
  • @_0gamer_185
    Great video and I loved the challenges, some of them were easy and some were hard
  • @Olipopers21_
    You should fight sharpness in a best out of 5 kits adding crystal and neth pot for a video.! Also enjoyed the video very funny :3
  • @slordwastaken
    This video is awesome as always, Leytrex!
    also seeing slyze was funny ahh lmao
  • He choosed fighting without armour instead of fighting with 20 fps. Well, I literally get 20 fps on average bruh
  • @Arazet1025
    Nice vid!
    (Also sorry for hiding on the 07:10 challenge maybe you could have won if i didnt do that xd)
    Anyways keep it up these vids are cool
  • @DroopMC
    This would you rather is kinda crazy
  • @randomtx585
    It would be more crazy if Wemmbu told you to rizz 100 e-girls 🤯
  • @rdcube430
    Szymoneq is actually a polish name