The Age of Broken Video Games

Published 2023-03-16

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  • @NakeyJakey
    originally i wrote something super dumb for this pinned message but after reading some really kind comments i just wanted to say thanks for watching and showing up. whether you love the vid or hate it for whatever reason - means a lot that you gave me a chance. xoxo

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  • jakey is like that one cousin you like but can't see till christmas and when you see him you're entertained for the time he's there, thank you jakey
  • @Teimo
    It really feels like our expectations have been lowered so much that game companies fixing their bugs is seen as going above and beyond.
  • I’ve never even heard of Michael Clayton until 10 minutes ago. What a classic. Definitely in my list of movies that exist, just wow
  • @realtayo42
    This man delivers 10/10 videos every single time
  • I could just watch Jakey, Jakey and Jakey Attorneys at Law doing commercials for random companies all day
  • @foyezes
    Day one patches are like the "We'll fix it in post" of the gaming industry
  • @EddyBurback
    mom!!!! he’s back!!! the yoga ball gamer is back!
  • Watched the first minute. Went to see what Micheal Clayton was. Watched the trailer. Rented the move. Watched the movie. Went to work. Had the weekend. Came back here, then realised this was the video that made me watch Michael Clayton.
  • @Luka-rr9xg
    This man doesnt upload frequently but when he does oh boy is it entertaining! Thank you Jakey for another masterpiece for us to enjoy
  • I never pre-order. No matter what benefit they'll promise, I won't do it. I do it for Totalbiscuit, and I do it for every gamer who deserves better.
    I LOVED when he referenced old meme formats from back in the day. Truly was the golden age of gaming, memes and just society in general back around 2005-2013
  • @Not-Batman
    I wish more people would talk about the very serious issues Jakey brings up in this video instead of repeated comments of "happy you're back!" over and over again
  • @drewisgooden
    had to pause Michael Clayton for this I hope you're happy
  • I really like how much of a case study NakeyJakey could be if you thought about it. YouTube is absolutely littered with content creators that dedicate themselves to rehashing their literal personalities almost every single day, and it eventually wears their content, their audiences, and their personhoods depressingly thin.

    Jakey on the other hand is an increasingly rare breed of diamonds in the rough on YouTube. Not only is his content and editing just genuinely good and that he not only has a broad yet specific audience, but he doesn’t upload all the time and—like someone else said—makes his uploads feel like a holiday. This creates an audience that truly anticipates his next video, while also disrupting his own personal dependency on his channel for income AND validation. These two things combine to create a YouTube personality who truly “never misses”.

    Really like your stuff, Jakey. Keep it up.
  • Jakey makes me feel like im hugging my favorite can of diced pineapples after a long day of work everytime he uploads
  • @Fishermhm
    Phoniex Wright has such a good soundtrack. Love how much Jake uses it in his videos.
  • @deanc9195
    Always nice to have Jakey back. Hope he and his are thriving
  • @BasterCod
    Jakey is never late nor early, he appears when we need him most
  • God dammit, you never cease to impress me with your editing and everything