Game Theory: They’re C̴o̷min̴g̴ F̶̎o̶̍͘r̵͛̍ Y̷̦͇̍͋̋͝Ơ̷̓̀́̂̀̏̀͌̄͠U̴͕͆̿ (Mr. TomatoS and Ms. LemonS)

Published 2023-04-15
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Loyal Theorists, there is something sinister lurking beneath the surface of Mr. TomatoS and Ms. LemonS, and it's MUCH scarier than basic arithmetic and recognizing shapes. My job today is to dive DEEP into everything that's going on in these games and figure it out, and believe me, there is SO much to explain here but I believe I've got it all. So sit down with a nice THICK bowl of cream and let's dive in.

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