The Greatest BMX Game Ever Is Riders Republic

Published 2022-09-21
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All Comments (21)
  • Jaelan Harney
    Thank you Riders Republic for sending him a sponser so he would drop a video. They really looking out for us
  • HoodedRain
    Suki: Does a 360
    Berlin: “ I can do it too” Does a corkscrew 720 leaf whirlwind
  • expiredkneecap
    “lot of brain to be swishing round”
    cant stand this man 😭😭😭
  • Im Kyle
    Cross y’all fingers that Berlin’s consistency returns hopefully 🤞 😂
  • haven’t even watched a full minute of the play through and i already SMASHED the like button. Good to see ya Berlin
  • I was LITERALLY just watching his old stuff I didn’t see wondering when he was going to upload next. The fucking timing of this man is impeccable. Love you Berlin
  • Woshua
    Lmao Riders Republic is giving Berby the bag 🤣 he don't ever post a game this many times. Luv u bru
  • Corn
    He's gotten so much better at this game compared to his first video, its crazy.
  • Soleil Alexis
    berlin and britani posting on the same day is pure bliss
  • jrxzzyy
    Lmaoo!! the last trick he tried at 22:58 killed me 💀
  • F A D 3 D
    ngl, berlin was actually giving excellent gameplay in this🔥
  • ClickTm
    It's always a good day when the eezy gang can sit back, relax, n watch some berleezy eugghhh🔥
  • Nes PLayZ
    I'm so glad Berlin brought this series back because his last gameplay had me in tears lol 😂
  • Dondre Henry
    YUUUURRRRRR WE IN HERE!!!!! Love your content my guy💯 your doin GREAT and you are SUCH a strong positive impact in my life💯🔥 deeply appreciate you!!!
  • Mason Reaux
    Berlin is the king of character customization i really appreciate his attention to detail especially in longer full playthroughs like yakuza and sleeping dogs… Berlin aka the Style Bender!
  • klio msuo
    Thank you Berlin I’ve been going through some of my toughest times yet and you brought a genuine smile to my face LESSSGOOO
  • Dezic
    I just discovered your channel last week and watched your until dawn, Bully and last of us play through. Love the content bro, amazing to see how advanced your set up has gotten. Much love
  • tjay_blood
    Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth student lying hidden somewhere in this school, the one
    they call the ultimate despair, watch out for her
  • R.D
    I just started watching you a couple of days ago. Been binge watching your old content and my day instantly got better when I saw you had recently uploaded ❤

    I’ve been laughing my ass off these couple of days just because of you. Thank you, man , I really needed it.