JJD - Aeon

Published 2015-07-19

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  • MasterGamer386
    The best thing in the world is being very sad because of life issues and then find this song... I already knew this song since 2016 but i forgot it, and now it's back... To give me hope and happiness :,) thank you for creating this masterpiece and giving all us happiness! Love u <3 (no homo lol)
  • Stradz EDM
    JJD has the most Nostalgic feels to his tracks.
  • Michael J.
    One of the most nostalgic EDM tracks man 🥲
  • Meable
    The major key is really what gives this song the nostalgic edge
  • clement _flow
    This Song Is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Keep Up The Good Work!! <3
  • Alstermix
    this whole song is amazing, that soft eerie kinda sound just after 0:05 is so good I love that part
  • OfficialElemite
    absolutely phenomenal!
    Keep up the great work, good sir! c:
  • Stitchrandy
    Very good JJD! I really like this one, keep up the good work! :D
  • Backpackislife
    Hey JJD, I've been getting into this type of music a whole lot, and I've gotta say, I love yours the most!!! Just wondering, is it okay if I use this in my intro? If so thanks! If not, I still love all of your music!
  • Aron
    Great track as usual! I am really impressed with your tracks! They are all great!!!!! Keep it up bro
  • AWildDwarf
    this is just the most perfect music ive listened to in a long time! Nice work on it!
  • TD DarkHun
    man u're amazing i love your songs i started watching your channel a few minits ago and u became my favourite... keep doing this great music:)
  • You' re doing better and better, I really enjoy your latest releases.
  • Jazy
    You deserve at least 200k subs! Your music is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, and many Youtubers use your music in their vids. You should have way more subs man!
  • IStart
    Nice toujours aussi génial !
  • briverdown
    Well done :) love ur music
    Ur one of my favorite artist along with itro and tobu.
  • Shinya Zhao
    Amazing vibe~!Thanks for your free download~I love it!