Annoying Customers

Published 2016-04-11

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  • @Cman142901
    I love how jadian is sometimes sprinkled in his videos even if it is just for one joke. Just shows how long they have been friends.
  • @FremmyFresh
    7 years later after watching this I still make sure I have a complete list whenever I walk into a subway.
  • @TheWiltingOne
    2:33 we’ll looks like the YouTube thing didn’t flop, cause the man is getting his own Netflix show now! Congrats James 🎉
  • @timepass4783
    I can't believe it's been almost 7 years since this masterpiece. I've watched this sooo many time but I still keep coming back to it..
  • James: “Do you want your receipt?”
    Customer: “No thanks.”
    receipt prints
    James: sweats

    Edit: 4k likes?! Thank you so much for this affection!
  • I worked at a subway in high school, at least 10 years ago. And yet all these memories came flooding back watching this video. I swear, almost very single thing you mentioned happened to me on a daily basis. 😂
  • @tsulait
    I remember watching these videos before I started working at food places and thinking “man it must be tough working at restaurants and stuff”

    and now as someone who works at a noodle place, James is absolutely correct and didn’t exaggerate anything
  • @kenosabi
    Worked at subway off and on for years. This is 100% accurate. One of my favorites was when people would put 10 pounds of shit on the sub and then be ANGRY it was sloppy and didn't close.
  • @IdonTNeedTherapy
    Sometimes I wish a YouTuber worked at McDonald’s so they could tell us why the ice cream machine is always broken 😂
  • @romas_7
    James : Do you want your receipt?
    Customer : No
    Receipt prints
    Universe : dies
  • @orelotus
    "You want your receipt?"
    "No thank you"
    - receipt prints -
    "There's no going back mortal"
  • @SakuraR17
    It's been 6 years and I still don't know what "on the side" guy means. Triggers me every time I see this video
  • @Egglord
    Just watching him explain what his work was like is better than every disney movie
  • @Lili-gg6tu
    I just imagine James saying "the receipt printed!" With the biggest smile on his face 😂
  • @KSttt-ck9wv
    I once saw a girl do Jame’s receipt trick. When we said “no, thanks” to it she just discreetly threw it away. I could tell she did it a lot, and I think I only knew cuz I stared at the machine when it was printing (it made the sounds and I like the sounds).
  • @Musiclove243
    As a former Chipotle worker . I can empathize with customers, not knowing what they want inside of their food.