Kevin Costner's speech at Whitney Houston's funeral

Published 2012-02-18
Kevin Costner, who starred with Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard, pays tribute to the pop icon at her funeral in New Jersey. Report by Katie Lamborn.

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  • Get yourself someone who loves you as much as Kevin Costner loves Whitney Houston.
  • @ivonnenyaro7734
    I watched it today 16-05-2024 and I still cry and what a great speech you have given for our Whitney ….you sing up in heaven like the angels do.
  • @jojojojo-si6vw
    The way Kevin stood for her against the movie moguls. The way he treated her before, during, and after the film was done, speaks for itself, loud and clear. Whitney was his one true love!
  • I am watching this 11 years later, and my heart breaks for Kevin. He’s just been going through an acrimonious divorce and child custody case and it breaks my heart to see such a good man, a really good man, tossed aside, because he’s no longer “good” enough. This tribute to Whitney tells us a great deal about him and the kind of man he is. I’m sending a prayer for him to lift him up so he could feel the love and succor him. 🙏
  • @brianvincent655
    He may be one of the most underrated actors of his time but his humanity shines like a beacon. What a beautiful speech.
  • @lucas2424mc
    There is no black and white when it comes to pure unadulterated love. Kevin Costner is a great man. This brought me to tears
  • @wow4real142
    It's been 30 yrs since "The Bodyguard" and this Man still loves a matter of fact...He has never stopped loving you...and He will always be in love with you. Whitney you are greatly missed!!!
  • @marklowe7431
    I think she will always remain the example of the finest female vocalist. There's many great singers but her voice activates emotion like no other. She's one in 8 billion.
  • @lavie954
    "Escorted by an army of angels to your Heavenly father, when you sing before him, don't you worry coz you will be good enough " That melted my heart.
  • @Lovely_Mia087
    Whenever a man tries to hold back his tears you know its deep, when he said "when you stand before god and sing for him don't worry trust me you'll be good enough" the tears came hard and fast.
  • @briana8332
    I’ve watched the movie “The Bodyguard” many times, and just as I felt the strong and powerful on-screen chemistry that Whitney and Kevin both shared, I feel it again as I watch this eulogy. I can tell that their relationship was very close, very real, and very passionate. So close, in fact, that it saddens me that they didn’t choose to pursue it further after the film completed. They would have been a true power couple, in every sense of the word, and I truly believe that Whitney would have gone on to be even more successful. More importantly, her self-confidence and self-esteem would have skyrocketed, with a man like Kevin by her side, believing in her and encouraging her the way he did. RIP dear Whitney 🙏🏼
  • I remember watching this with my husband at the time and he wasn’t really a fan of Whitney or Kevin, he’d never seen The Bodyguard. He turned to me about halfway through this speech and said “Kevin was in love with Whitney, he loved her.”
  • @Humvee369
    An utterly sincere speech. He really did this with honour.
  • 2023, and STILL this gets me in the feels. Kevin is an amazing actor, person and great friend of the Houston family. Amazing speech.
  • @Johnny53kgb-nsa
    This eulogy still gets to me, all these year's later. Rip Whitney.
  • @murriemitchell4250
    The chemistry between those two on the Bodyguard was so obvious. I think they were in love but didn’t dare cross the line of friendship because both had separate lives. What a great loss. Rest In Peace Whitney.❤❤
  • @renaz630
    This was the most respectful,loving,truthful eulogy. Classic. RIP Whitney Houston
  • @JasonB95
    This is what happens when a true storyteller expresses his love. What a beautiful tribute.
  • A love that is real, a love that is faithful, true and enduring, is a love from the heart. Listening to Kevin's tribute to Whitney, is both heart-warming and heart breaking. What a sincere, moment expressed by a man to a woman. It is obvious that Kevin loved her then, now and he always will. True love is beautiful and true love is everlasting
  • @dorothyreese672
    Kevin Cosner truly loved Whitney Houston. She is truly missed