Published 2022-08-04

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  • Amy Moffatt
    I can’t imagine Colleen in any other house that isn’t her old house 😄 but the new house looks amazing! ❤️
  • In a weird way, I have grown an attachment to your old house, especially since I saw you vlog everyday in that house for the past two years! It's gonna be so weird to not see you bake cookies at night in that kitchen or talk to us in your office wearing your tortilla blanket or see your dance parties w Flynn & Erik in the living room. Having said that, I'm so glad you found the big backyard you guys always wanted for your kids and I'm so excited to see the new memories you make in your new beautiful home with your family of 5!! Much love from Shyamoli 🥰
  • As a person who has been watching you for years and years…it feels so strange to see you living in a new place. But I am so incredibly happy for you and your family! Wishing you guys the best for this next chapter
  • Danesia Imani
    For a while I had thought she downgraded which I didn’t quite understand, but the more of the house she showed, the more I understood why this was an amazing choice. Thought the kids might miss the pool but the background is huge, the playground is so adorable and the outside dining was nice. What really blew me away was the guest house AND a separate office “house”. By the end I was like yo this is wild
  • i love that eric said, "This is a big deal" when flynn was going down the slide. He wanted everyone to know so they would get excited for flynn! He is a great dad
  • Xavier
    Obssessed with this house!!! The vibes and energy of the house is so happy! Congratulations on this new transition!!! We love you Colleen!
  • Kimberley
    I ADORE that Erik said "This is a big deal" to Colleen before Flynn went down the slide! Just letting her know how much it meant to Flynn and how big of a reaction it needed. Parenting 101: make your kids feel like their achievements (though they may feel small to you) feel like real achievements.
  • Anyone who reading this, I pray that whatever is hurting or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark throughts, The overthinking, the doubt exist your mind right now. May replace confusion. May peace and calmness fill in your life.❤️
  • Kaylin White
    My husband and I put an offer in on a house yesterday and it was accepted today!!! My baby girl is FINALLY going to have a backyard to play in ❤️
    Best of luck to you on your house hunting
  • Soraya Farah
    I haven’t watched in a while but it’s so nice seeing you babies so happy and healthy. I’m sure if you could look ahead to this moment it would have provided you so much relief when they were in the nicu. Also I’m obsessed with this house you should try to buy it from them
  • I think a lot of people missed that this is a rental not their forever home..but super freakin cute for a rental for you guys!! It’s super smart to see if you can do the “small” town life before taking the jump and doing anything permanent. Can’t wait for the future vlogs here and happy forever home hunting✨
  • abslol1
    I feel like the classic Colleens house of the past 5+ years has become a character of it's own, so many people lived there at one point, so many eras of Colleen occured there, its just kinda crazy
  • Paige Stout
    I can see how happy this is making Colleen!! She has a youthful joy about her! 🥰
  • i just love how moose just follows them around everywhere and this house just feels so warm and its soo pretty and big congrats!!!!
  • bofooit gojo
    I can see how happy this is making Colleen!! She has a youthful joy about her!
  • Alejandrita
  • Plum Person
    Makes me smile her saying 'a little entry way', 'a little dining area' and to me that looks like a literal mansion 😂
  • Jaden Pratt
    I like how Colleen included moose in the tour of the office space bc moose looked at Kory like “yes, I’m glad to be here!” So cute! Hahah
  • olivia lucas
    I love them so much and they always crack me up
    Colleen: Do you wanna say hi?!😁
    Erik: Yeah☺️ So I got cheese, and the house special, and a pineapple pepperoni, and another cheese
  • I love this house so much! I think it's perfect for what your family needs right now and I hope the process for finding your long term home goes well too!!! Love you guys! <3