HEROBRINE VS STEVE - Alex and Steve Adventures (Minecraft Animation)

Published 2024-04-27
#squaredmedia #MinecraftAnimation #Minecraft #alexandstevelife

Herobrine was unleashed and there is only one hero in the entire minecraft universe capable of stopping him. Join Steve in his epic battle against the biggest threat in history. Their fight will shake the earth and skies, but will Steve come out of it alive? Find out in this action packed conclusion to the Alex and Steve Adventures series and Animation Life.

Directed by Michael.


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  • @Michael-SQM
    That was a crazy ride, Alex & Steve Adventures series concludes, but don't worry we will see them again in the future! However we're not slowing down. Mont is teasing his super secret project, Sniffer animation and tutorial are releasing next month as well :D
  • @houys
    Perfect ending, full of memories. I believe the adventure series is not over and will never be over.Thanks to Michael for making this amazing animation. Square Media will always be my favorite MC animation channel.Wish Square media will be better and better!
  • @SuperMarioJosh
    I find it very interesting that the battle concludes with not the death of Herobrine but instead he stays alive living in Steve’s shadow, overall great story telling with no vocals very impressive.
  • @NullAlt-hs9nn
    The way Eric finishes the baroness, damn so savage. Glad to see he got his revenge
  • @Panda69Panda69
    Steve certainly isn't as strong physically as Herobrine, but Steve is mentally strong, and that's important
  • @MrTortiePlays
    Did anyone else notice that some of that beginning fight was in sync with the music? Truly amazing.
  • @Triple8_Extras
    This and Alan Becker's series are definitely the best Minecraft animation series ever!
  • Bro the amount of aura in that scene where Steve mocks herobrine's taunt.. crazy how a Minecraft animation made me shout out loud
  • @Xiniooox
    Steve: i defend you herobrine. Herobrine: gratulations you pass easy tutorial lets play normal mode. Normal mode:☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
  • @NoahAtlantis
    This is without a doubt one of the best-animated fight scenes I’ve seen in a while! Bravo Square Media! Bravo! 👏 What a great way to end an amazing series!
  • It was so cute when everyone was hugging each other. I love their bond/relationship/friendship and the part when they both looked at each other. Eric’s backstory is so sad but, he had spared Steve. Man that fight scene was so epic and really good! The ending was heartwarming and beautiful. 🥺🥹😭😃😊😇😍🥰❤️💖💝💘
  • @Palette54
    Alex and Steve look so cute together😍, they are the best couple in this game❤🥰. Finally, the story ends🥺
  • @DjDeadpig
    Eric sparing Steve was honestly really badass.
  • @StrongTimW
    I love how you guys can show exactly what every character is feeling without having a single word said, bravo
  • @stevealex1009
    Overcoming all difficulties and challenges, living and dying together... After all, they returned together and enjoy happiness. ❤ Alex & Steve always ready for the next challenge