things are gonna be a little different...

Published 2022-08-05
just trying something new for this channel ❤️‍🩹 thank you guys for all your support! stay positive :)

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  • Nicole Laeno
    thank you guys so much for your constant love & support 🥹🫶 love ya'll so much <3
  • Azuree Johnson
    You are not lazy, you are a freaking human. You deserve the rest and break. Go and get mentally well Colie. Enjoy your life, YOU ARE AMAZING AND you never disappoint. One video is more than enough for me and the others.
  • Miriam Mahmoud
    I feel so bad for Colie she works so hard and she is NOT LAZY. She posts two times a week, does school, dance, and manages friends and family. You can even tell she looks nervous in this video. She deserves a break and we will always support you Colies. WE LOVE YOU!!
  • Ariana Ackerman
    When people say that she is lazy are wrong. She is a human too. People like her who work hard for her channel and just life in general is hard enough. Sometimes people just need breaks and that’s okay. We have our days where we are mentally stressed and tired out and that get’s overwhelming for most people. So it’s obviously okay for her to make some changes, whatever works best for her. Anyways I hope you get better colie <3
  • _kad__marwa_
    Literally I'm crying the fact that she's so cute and she's caring about us she's an angel look how beautiful she's
    Nicole you really need rest in fact that your new school year is going to be busy take care of your self
    And remember mental health is the first thing
    We will never quite you ❤️
  • HEY COLIE IM SO HAPPY FOR UUU. it’s good to have more time for ur self and really knowing when u need to rest i am so inspired by you for knowing when to stop and although u want to help us get more content but no ur really not lazy people just really love ur content which is why and i really hope you get more rest since you only post on fridays and pls pls do don’t pull soo many all nighters editing remb ur just a 16 year old and no one should be able to give you so much pressure and stress i hope that this channel is fun for you and stress free because this channel just films and shows your life and your advice ilysm<33
  • Natalies Outlet
    Hi Nicole 🫶🏽🌈 I’m new to your channel and loving everything you do. You make me want to be 16 again! LOL It’s so wise of you to make this decision. As someone who’s been on youtube for 8 years now, burn out is so real & tough to recover from. I’m proud of you for acknowledging your pain points and fixing them 💕 always here to chat about youtube & life balance ✨
  • Life with meya
    I feel really bad for colie she works so hard and doesn’t get a break and she is not lazy she is a human,we love you colie whatever is good for your mental health we understand 💕💕
  • Stella
    I love the fact that she share everything with us bc she cares and love us from death I also love her to death and trust us I don’t care if she puts one or two vids I am happy if she is not stressed (also don’t put pressure on Nicole she tries her best and that is all I care about is her health)
  • Luna
    You are such a kind hearted person. I love that about you. I love watching your videos more than you know. I’m really happy that you are putting yourself first because that’s what’s most important. You make life seem so fun and amazing. You have me sooooo excited to start my freshman year next week. Thank you for creating the videos you do and never call yourself lazy because more than half of these people can’t do what you do. ❤️
  • Nouf's world
    I love how Nicole is honest with her life and stays up till 4:00AM editing these videos for us and wakes up so early for us ily Nicole so much ❤
  • timtim
    Every one has ups and downs . You're also human u have feeling u stress everyone has stressed in life . We love u Nicole and we support u because health always comes first . I LOVE U SM NICOLE ❤️❤️❤️
  • Jeliyah Fuentes
    The part when she said that people are calling lazy really surprised me because she works so hard to put out videos for us and to make us happy. She is not lazy just because she can’t post she has other things to worry about like her family and her mental health. Love you colie <3
  • darcy_777
    Colie, we support you and completely understand, you work so hard and we all see it, you are a million percent allowed to go and be 16, hang out with your friends and fam, we understand. You are an amazing and inspirational person and such a great role model for me and everyone else x We love you Colie <3
  • Aleen Gburi
    I honestly don’t know how to start ,you are litterally an amazing person you’ve inspired so many people ,including me. I started watching your videos at about 2018 ish and you’ve made me really productive,I’m really sad ur going through all of that but we all understand and will always love you we would be more than happy for you to enjoy your week and not worry so much for making videos. I love you colieee and I really hope you would see this💕I would honestly write more of what I wanna say but it’s 3am and my mom is yelling at me so I can sleep😂😂💤goodnightt
  • Its Lulu♡
    there is no need to apologize everybody needs a break and your videos are so fun to watch and everybody who watches knows how you have been working so hard to make the best vids! You have all the support here❤✨
  • flying monkeys
    Your teenage years are so golden! Absolutely don’t feel bad, I love u so much and want u to be fully happy with your job/passion!please feel so much better u are such a beautiful human
  • You for one, are not lazy. You're an incredible person and need to take time for yourself, like every other person in this world and if people can't see that, then they're not worth your time. Your amazing and you work so hard for everything that you love! We support you 100%! Love you girl! <3
  • Natasha
    This is totally ok shes still a growing teen and she needs to have that teenage experience and enjoy her personal life without feeling overwhelmed or stressed about editing and content.
  • We understand Nicole! Take care of your Mental Health, its the most important thing and it should be first at all times! One video a week is more than enough for me, I love to see you smile and be happy and I also understand that you are matriculating into an adult now so things are gonna be different as you grow and that is okay. Just continue being the joyful person that you are that is always putting smiles on our faces. ❤<333