Toby Keith - Wacky Tobaccy

Published 2017-06-22
Music video by Toby Keith performing Wacky Tobaccy. (C) 2017 Show Dog, LLC

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  • @RonBaker456
    Hard to believe Willie outlived Toby. RIP dude. Love your tunes and your style.
  • @alive9414
    Im dying of stage 4 kidney disease. Weed is the only thing that makes me feel good.
  • @karlamagrath628
    🤍🤍🤍🤍✨🥀🕊️🤍🤍🤍 REST IN PARADISE TOBY 🤍🤍🤍🤍✨🥀🕊️🤍🤍🤍 I started listening to these songs when I was very first diagnosed with cancer. Music is medicine for the soul!!!!!🤍 The music was a blessing at that time, as I was in a very dark place. Thank you Toby, for healing my heart and for those moments that I needed help. Your voice was so soothing. Fly high beautiful soul!!!🕊️✨🤍
  • @RetroGaming_07
    I found out recently that Toby Keith died from stomach cancer and may he rip. My condolences go out to his family and friends. This song will always be one of my favorites by Toby.
  • @kimtodd1803
  • @Stevenirons
    RIPTK, you will always be missed especially when I fire it up! Hope Willie is speaking one up today 😢
  • R.I.P Toby... My dad was such a fan of this man's music. We both loved this song..
  • @waynestott1976
    I was an alcoholic drank every day and night in August of 2005 my liver pancreas and kidneys all quit working the doctor said there was no hope told my family to unplug me I got a miracle a second chance have neuropathy in my hands and feet permanently disabled found marijuana now off disability and work 10 HR days haven't had a drink since out of the hospital marijuana saved my life I am very grateful and happy to be alcohol free and to be a productive member of society. I now have 8 grandchildren 4 of them live with me as their mom got hooked on heroin if I would not have lived I don't know where those kids would be
  • @dianagraetz1432
    You will be missed Toby😢 What an incredibly funny and talented person you were. Most importantly your respect and dedication to country and men and women in uniform will never be forgotten.
  • @user-ik9ip9fy3s
    😢 very sad that you're gone Toby Keith but you'll never be forgotten you brought a lot of joy and excitement over the years with your great music and great songs
  • @paulwragg6765
    How many people are high listening to this song? I know I am high on WEED!!
  • @user-tm3xr3fi1i
    Truly love you. What a wonderful man in so many ways. The respect you had for your father and all military people My pop was a WW2 veteran. You are already missed Sing to the Lord's angels. R.I p
  • What a great man and musician!! Love all his songs! He left us a great legacy! 🥰