China responds to Pelosi's Taiwan visit with new sanctions

Published 2022-08-05
CNBC's Eunice Yoon joins 'Squawk Box' to break down the latest sanctions China is taking against the U.S. for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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All Comments (21)
  • Purple Blue
    When Kitana isn't competing in Mortal Kombat, she works a day job as a CNBC journalist.
  • Laynie
    Don't worry: whatever sanctions she receives she and her husband will make back from all the stock tips she received from this trip.
  • “To be America’s enemy is dangerous but to be it’s friend is deadly.” - Henry Kissinger

    I’m sure Europe knows.
  • Miguel Robb
    Kitana defeated Shao Khan and said “screw it” and decided to be a part time reporter afterwards.
  • Sam
    Let’s be honest. Nancy visit to Taiwan was unnecessary political statement.
  • weichengcn
    What do you expect? You are directly challenging a major power's core interest.
  • Matt G
    It's about time we begin to bring back manufacturing to the US. Allowing the Chinese to have control over us via products, pharmaceuticals, etc is very foolish.
  • Tiger Head
    Correction: The missiles landed in Japan's EEZ and not Japan's water territories. And that part of Japan's EEZ is still under international water.
  • Does ANYONE even know why she went there? She’s either there to make herself rich with some insider trading OR she is literally trying to start WW3.
  • Chris Lucas
    The fact is the missiles didn't land in Japanese water, it is an area only Japan claims as an economic zone, but it isn't recolonized by others countries.
  • boe dillard
    Thanks Pelosi - you couldn't be satisfied with how much damage you could in the US - you had to spread the joy.
  • Donal Goan
    pelosi job is to lead the house of representatives. It is the secretary of state job to discuss matters with other countries.
  • Thank you, Kitana. Coming up, meteorologist Hanzo Hasashi will be back with the report on the nationwide heatwave after these messages.
  • Davis brooke
    A Good video ! So happy to announce that I have gained financial freedom by investing in digital currency. Now I know that multi creation of various streams of income is the ideal Principle for financial sustainability.
  • When you risk WW3 to personally go check on your insider trading 🙄🙄
  • galih pratanda
    It's funny USA, he's clearly doing double standards for the separatists in Luhansk and Donetsk who want to separate from Ukraine backed by Russia, they reject it, but for the separatist government in Taiwan, which wants to secede from China, it supported, which is actually the opposite of what he himself said was agreeing to the "one China policy". When viewed from a geopolitical perspective, China highly values ​​wisdom to become the strongest new superpower in Asia by taking responsibility for its role in setting an example for other superpowers such as the United States, whether to immediately use violence, which means military. operation or not. other options keep in mind that china is even economically far ahead of russia so if china really wants to attack taiwan it might be very easy for him like russia did to ukraine but china chooses another option which is possible from china perspective if he declares war now then inflation is guaranteed will also increase along with the price of food needs and their derivatives to various countries in the world because I still remember that Russia has a very strong influence in the energy sector such as natural gas, they have money, thus making supply chains in European countries all shout it's a secular state effect . As Russia, if it has used its economic power and felt its impact on European countries, which actually needs Russia's presence, especially if we compare China's economic influence in the world, it clearly far exceeds that of Russia, because maybe in a matter of seconds China will decide whether this should be done. with the choice of military aggression against Russia. Taiwan, do you see the impact after using this option, I think President Xi Jinping has received a lot of input from his advisers to be more concerned with the global impact that will arise if China conducts military aggression against Taiwan now?

    For me, it is not surprising that Pelosi insisted on making a provocative visit to Taiwan because the whole world already knows America's character, namely "WHERE THERE IS WAR THERE IS AMERICA" because of the fact that almost 60% of America's GDP is contributed by their arms sales sector, so America would be quite happy if there was one. other clown countries like Ukraine want to be sacrificed as America's battlefield even though in the Ukrainian war it is clear America's role does not match reality, America only looked firm at first but when war broke out from Russia America's actions were only limited to sending weapons, this is very funny because actually I feel sorry for ukraine people because of their president's comedic policy of entering nato which was provoked by america they are now a country that will disappear from the map I hope Taiwan doesn't follow in the footsteps of a clown country like Ukraine.
  • Henry Kissinger once say, "To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal". Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter , called the United States “the most warlike nation in the history of the world.” Carter then said the U.S. has been at peace for only 16 of its 242 years as a nation.US forcing other countries to “adopt our American principles.” China’s peace dividend has allowed and enhanced its economic growth,and that’s why they’re ahead of us. In almost every way.”Carter said. China spend billions in acquiring 40000 kms of high speed rail, $billions in space technologies
    another trillion on silk road. US has “wasted, I think, $trillion” on military spending. According to a November 2018 study by Brown University’s Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs, the US has spent $6.9 trillion waging wars. Most countries surveyed in a WIN/Gallup poll identified the United States as the greatest threat to world peace, Pew Research poll found that a record number of people in 30 surveyed nations viewed US power and influence as a “major threat.” to world peace.
  • Kingfisher
    They playing with Japan as well , even if they are ranked higher that’s a fight that china doesn’t want. If everyone keeps flinching at eachother eventually someone is gonna throw the first blow. I hate to see all this happening especially when it’s the people who will suffer the most not the government.
  • tony 47
    Those cut off “talks” is hilarious. As if both sides gave each other 100% information before 😂