Grian is Alone on Hermitcraft // Hermitcraft S8 Animatic

Published 2024-04-22
I have finally finished! This took wayyyy longer than it was supposed to but here it is! Hopefully I won’t be gone for so long again. Unfortunately I was rlly busy in my personal life. I have a school project storyboard that’s due in a few weeks so I’ll post that here when I’m done! I also have another storyboard I rlly wanna make but that might be a bit lol

Audio (edited by me):    • Hermitcraft 8: Episode 14 - THE GRIAN...   at 9:40 + Sneaky Adventure - Kevin Macleod

Original FPS: 12

iPad Pro 11 inch
Apple Pencil

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#art #animatic #hermitcraft #grian

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  • @C.Jdoodles
    I love how fluffy grian’s hair is! ✨
  • @sierrad.7654
    This has all the energy of in my defense I was left unsupervised
  • @RandomMLE
    Reminds me of when Joel was the only person online
  • @xhaandyesh
    I love this artstyle! G’s hair is so fluffy :D. I wish I could draw hands and faces. And we all miss S8. I miss Boatem.
  • @thundercat9427
    Well, this is basically me for the last five months or so on my server... I'm so lonely ;-;
  • @PassionateMyst
    DUDE THIS IS SO UNDERRATED! This is amazing honestly and truly
  • This is just a watcher causing chaos You're lucky he didn't destroy everything He was just causing chaos Most watchers would have killed everyone And waited until everyone was online But this watcher did not He just caused chaos And for that he is a good boy and Gets to sit in the canoe
  • Amazing!! It’s amazing how you kept his character design so constant lol. Also I love how smooth the animation is!
  • This is amazing I love the way you draw G also you are very underrated your art style is so cool I love it ^^
  • @vovodear