GRAMMYs: Tracy Chapman Makes RARE Appearance to Sing Fast Car With Luke Combs

Published 2024-02-04
Tracy Chapman joins Luke Combs to perform her 1988 hit, 'Fast Car,' at the 66th Annual GRAMMYs, which aired Sunday on CBS and Paramount+. Luke covered the song for his album, 'Gettin' Old,' and explains why the track is so meaningful to him.

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  • One of the most legendary songs ever written. Hands down.
  • @TimeBucks
    One of the most legendary songs ever written
  • @nuqi
    Tracy Chapman's music is timeless. This collaboration is proof that her songs continue to resonate with audiences, no matter the generation.
  • He did not wear his hat and he did not play his guitar. He let her shine!! The way he looked at her was everything!! She is still beautiful and sounds amazing!! I loved everything about this
  • @user-jj1ft4xr4s
    I'm so, so glad this happened for her. She deserves the world. Good on Luke to honor her and make absolutely sure everyone knew where he was coming from.
  • Could you imagine how surreal it would be to perform a duet on stage with your idol at the Grammies.
  • @LinkThatLove
    The industry wasn’t so kind to Tracy Chapman back then. She deserves all the roses
  • @sandracorn1175
    Honestly I had changed the station every time Luke's version came on the radio because I was such a fan of Tracy. This performance soothed my soul. I won't change the station anymore. His humility and respect win me over!
  • @Ronald-Butler
    The pure emotion on her face and eyes as the crowd erupted when they recognized her on stage was priceless! So happy for you Tracy getting the recognition you deserved so many decades ago! ️
  • He’s such a gentleman dude. And she deserves the recognition 100%!!! Great job guys!
  • @H.4.R.L.E.Y
    Saw Tracy Chapman live back in 1990 in New Zealand.. i was just 16 and into Heavy Metal but my dad wanted to go to the concert so bad so dragging my feet i accompanied him... overwhelmed with tears of emotions rolled down my cheeks the entire concert. Been her biggest fan ever since 😍
  • Quite possibly one of the greatest songs ever written. And her voice is still incredible.
  • If it’s possible, she may sound better than she did in 1988. Timeless song. Iconic performance. Thank you for making this happen. What a treat for us music lovers.
  • @pe5482
    Brought tears to my eyes. You can see the respect he has for her.humbling
  • @lindaparks8089
    Luke Combs was star struck, I love him even more, didn't think that was possible. ❤️
  • @fireball5112
    That's a true artist right there! 36 year later and she still sounds like the original record. This song will never die!
  • @Joflowers4
    Goosebumps. She sounds THE SAME as the original recording! OMG.
  • @arawilson
    Love that Luke kept the lyric, "And I work in a market as a checkout girl." That's mad respect.
  • Man I have never been so happy for someone. She's looks even more beautiful than before and sounded amazing. Love how he let her shine.
  • @crazycroat6804
    Definitely one of the greatest songs. I remember driving around on road trips and blasting this song and feeling all the feels. I was always sad when she wasn't around singing more. I went back to her CD often over the years. So glad to see her perform.