Heart Attack song challenge

Published 2022-08-03

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  • Elloise
    So amazing and how she didn’t even care she’s just like “ok” easy
  • Everyone: liking her singing
    Me: "she looks really good to be a mom"
  • Her accent when she sings: "It's been fun but now I've got to go"
    does that run that ace does
  • Kawaii
    Everyone “she hit that high note so good”
    Me “ why does she dress like that in the house it’s kinda funny 😂”
  • Melissa Evans
    I can’t believe she’s old enough to have a child older than 3 years old.
  • Chloe Gabriella
    i love how she just looks annoyed the almost the whole time
  • Cherii
    She always puts so much effort and sounds amazing and then there’s the “okay??” Like shes fed up after 💀💀
  • I just love it when she finishes singing songs then she just says “okay?”
  • Aaroshy
    She looked at the start like: ”what now?!”
  • She acts like it’s effortless and she’s like: ‘okeh?’ MEANWHILE ME SOUNDING LIKE A DYING LLAMA OVER HERE-
    Edit: Ty for all the likes!!
  • Sara Turner
    The mom: "sings like a god"
    Also the mom: OKAY?
  • SuperSenna
    * signs amazingly *
    aggressively asks: "ok?" 😂 great voice tho!!
  • I love how she is just like "quite high huh?" Then does it flawlessly and proceeds to just 🙄"ok?"
  • YouTube
    nothing is a challenge to mom !!
  • XxPoloXx
    Dang I forgot this was her acting for a second 😭
  • sarra
    still have yet to figure out if its really her mom, or her disguised a mom
  • Godfather🥔
    She looks like she is always disrupted by something, but then looks so happy and amazing when singing ❤️
  • Caro_Creates
    How the flip she make her accent just go away the second she starts singing