Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 3

Published 2022-09-20

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  • I was about to eat some food but then my parents told me they knew a kid who ate food who got attacked by a cat and now lives with a family of geese. Thanks, Steven.
  • 黃仲誼
    As an Asian teenager with Asian parents, I'm telling you guys, these are pretty dang accurate lol
  • Krishna Harsha M
    The part where steven thinks about all the tasks he was asked to do but forget the important one, it is so relatable.
  • TimeBucks
    Steven He never fails to show his humor to us
  • TinTin
    The thumbnail design of Steven's father's collected self, while Steven is breaking stuff in the corner is a thing of art
  • カイダa
    I am so happy to see how your channel has grown as well as production quality. Seeing you collab with others, hang out with friends, having fun- I am really happy for your continuous success!
  • SpaceMonkeyBoi
    As a man that doesn't have Asian parents, I can confirm that this is real.
  • Tee Noush
    We, Failures, are immensely grateful for being validated through your videos 🙇🏻‍♀️ Let's keep this culture alive for the generations to come!
  • Ian h
    I like that he's worried about his son getting hit by a car even though they appear to be in a high rise apartment. Such a caring parent!
  • Baldsy Bomb
    I never thought Stevens dad would get this promotion I mean he teaches failure management well but my parents have taken it to a whole new level. 😆
  • Ajmal Zuhair
    I couldn't stop laughing when he just threw the tide into the washing machine 😂. Your videos are always comedy gold
  • Tech Arts
    What a coincidence that he remembered the laundry after drinking the Emotional Damage drink. Added a nice touch of extra comedy in it
  • Sceats Sketches
    Big congratulations to Steven's dad for being promoted from professional Asian Dad... to Professional Asian.
  • Imagine Steven's grandfather earlier gave these lessons , giving Steven's dad's example and Steven is enjoying it's recordings.
  • I can’t believe the amount of what Steven does to make these videos it is amazing thank you so much Steven!
  • Steven’s dad isn’t joking. I can allost guarantee that someone, somewhere on earth playing their Playstation, has gotten hit with a car. Anything is possible.
  • Danielle King
    The SLAMMING of the clothes into the washer absolutely sent me!! 😂😂😂

    I would say the washing machine probably shared in that EMOTIONAL DAMAGE!
  • peebterrr
    As an Indian, this is too relatable to be true 😂😂😂
  • The Big Happy.
    This is what they need to teach us in school.

    The discipline of Emotional Damage must last throughout adulthood!
  • Kedo
    Based on the game that he's playing, he might actually get hit by a car, so his dad is just looking out for him. What a great father!