testing stuff (that didn't make it to my main channel)

Published 2024-02-11
Testing VIRAL Tiktok products, YouTuber brands, and MORE that didn't make it into main HopeScope channel videos! Everything from gowns, to art, to treats, to mini products!
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MORE fun stuff that didn't make it to my main channel:
   • I Bought PRODUCTS (stuff that didn't ...  

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Links to the stuff in the video!
Clear candle:
Mini mail:
Mini Pour Bears kit:
Jonny Cakes cartoon cake kit:
Athena Drill:
Book Nook:

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  • @nerdecrafter
    Omg I absolutely love your little bears 😍 I’m so glad you had fun with them. Thank you for playing with the kit and support 😭❤️❤️. Big hugs!!
  • @MsLavixen
    12:14 - as a fan of both yours and Johnny Cakes, I honestly think a collab with the two of you would be just adorable. Maybe a Hopescope Rainbow Sparkle Confetti cake?
  • the secret sleuth hand taking the plastic from the garden book nook out of frame right as you cut away cracked me up...
  • @jamieschaan4344
    You should put the mini Amazon boxes in front of the door of the doll house
  • @Chadmon1
    The gel candles have unlocked a core memory for me hahah YES!
  • @mylenet.3520
    Girl these underwater gel candles were in every bathroom in the 90's lol
  • I was just thinking with the mini mail how much Jackie would LOVE that and then you showed her art kit! 😍 love this!
  • I love that hope is never afraid to admit when she's wrong. She's one of my favorite youtubers. Love you hope! ❤
  • @0411emc
    11:46 Hope that's my jewelry brand! Thank you so much for ordering & supporting my small business!! 😭💜
  • Anyone else got SCARED shitless at 15:06 when Anna's hand showed up?!?!!! 😂😂😂
    LMAO was not expecting that hahahahah!!!
  • @JesLT
    Jackie has a whole series about the mini verse stuff. I think it’s awesome that you’ve featured a product from another YouTuber that I love. Sometimes YouTube can actually be so wholesome and I’m here for it. 💜🖤💜🖤
  • I love how you just barely kept seeing Anna’s hand creep in and to help Hope out or get garbage. What a great assistant!😊
  • I love the mini mailbox with the mini brands. My kid would be ecstatic over something like that! That dress is gorgeous I absolutely love the fabric!! The cake is so cool I’m so glad you made it with us 🩷
  • @jpantscake5128
    ooh i'm so excited you featured an Athena drill!!! such a great philosophy, love it!
  • @tanyad7073
    The cake is amazing!! Great job Hope! ❤ You also look adorable in that dress
  • I love your Channels so much Hope! It always brightens my day to see that you’ve posted!! Keep up the amazing work ❤
  • If you put the top of the candle wax melter in the freezer for about 15 minutes, it’ll pop right out
  • @LIVVIE_edits
    Gosh, I literally swear hope looks so beautiful in that sleeping beauty dress! ❤💗