Opening 12 Mystery Among Us Crewmates! (I Found a Rare Crewmate!)

Published 2021-07-13
Today I have these brand new Series 1 Among Us Crewmates! Theres are 20 different mystery Crewmates to collect, along with 6 rare ones! Hopefully I find all 6 rare Crewmates! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching! :)

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  • BrentTV
    Thanks for watching everyone! Should I keep this series going? :)
  • MemeHell
    I like how he can always be so happy during these haha. I would have just been like "yay"
  • TesterYT
    who else thinks that his luck is on point ever since the gold plated creeper
  • Da monke
    2:38 “I really hope we find this one, this is the one we need” (two seconds later) “OH MY GOD”
  • Sid The Jovian
    He has such a best luck with those rare collectables because he got them on the first try.
  • Cat Lover 226
    This brings the phrase “I want it, I got it) to a whole new level.
  • So you are telling me, You just brought the Among us trend back?😁
  • ScareSeal
    I think those figures are pretty cool too! Never knew Among Us had Collectibles. Think you should try and finish the set!
  • Immagoodboy
    My man literally bringing back among us that was on life support
  • Sandy Florio
    I feel like Brent created the among us beatbox lol
  • Junk Marzi
    the pain in your face making the sus joke was amazing. had fun watching this, and im surprised i just came across your channel! keep up the great work!
  • He's so calm tho when he got a double he said a other double it's ok
  • Brent should start a channel where he resells some of the items he unboxes and doesn't want :D
  • I’ve actually never played Among Us before, but these are really good quality looking!
  • Molly Nguyen
    It’s funny that when he want something,sometimes he gets it or not
  • Adrewn Toot
    we shall remember the times when brent woke up to make voice overs and open a popsicle to see derpy eyed rabbits
  • Hailey Tulsieram
    omg, you need to have ur show on netflix, ur shows on FIRE
  • Ohayo ,,
    Brent's luck is growing now days ♾️
  • Who randomly just started watching Brent try to get perfect sponge Bob popsicles