Football Trick Shots at US Bank Stadium!!

Published 2022-09-24
This lifelong Vikings fan got the opportunity of a lifetime on the field at US Bank Stadium. And we made something pretty epic out of it. Thanks again to Viktor and the Vikings for making this dream a reality!

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  • A HUGE thanks to Viktor and the Vikings organization for making this dream come true! SKOL!! 🙌

    And of course, thanks to all of you for your support and helping make this a reality! ❤️
  • From flinging hundreds of blank CDs into an old beat up Wii at home, to having an entire NFL stadium at his disposal. This guy has really made it big.
  • @kylewubz8713
    This is awesome man. Great content and congrats! Victor is the GOAT
  • @LauraTuller
    Your videos are literally so much fun to watch! 😃
  • @danorak7797
    I have been with your channel since the early days and it is really cool to watch the channel grow! That was a really awesome video and keep them coming. My children and I love to watch!
  • That was a really fun video to watch guys were amazing 😂❣️
  • Packers fan here. I thought it was amazing to get that experience for trick shots in an NFL stadium which is next level so That’ll work for the day. Viktor was funny too 👍
  • @codycast
    Most wholesome content on YouTube.
  • @mikester24622
    Congrats on the amazing success of your YouTube channel!!! 👍🏻
  • @Liam.921
    Highly entertaining videos as usual bro. THAT’ll WORK!
  • @IncredibleTS
    This video was awesome! I can tell you guys had a blast! Maybe the next step is buying a warehouse and calling yourselves Dude That'll Work...
  • @FammerClips3
    Amazing vid keep up the good work you inspire me in my trick shot channel
  • @johnnyg7623
    You deserve at least 10 million subs! Keep it up!
  • I absolutely love, that you don’t just show your success, but you also show a few of you failed shots, love your content. (Better than DP)