claudia jessie having NO FILTER for 8 minutes straight

Published 2024-05-27

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  • @rikisdedhair
    put her with adele and jennifer lawrence in one room: UNCONTROLLABLE CHAOS
  • @dreamysol
    I love her personality so much 😭 She literally just speaks before she thinks. She’s just like me 😭
  • @nicole_gemmell
    "...and i'm incredibly good in bed" 🤣🤣😭😭😭 i just know that was an inner thought that slipped right out, she's an icon 🤣🤣
  • @miru6005
    Her wheeze off camera already in the first few seconds, god I love her so much
  • @annscabanns
    claudia jessie is so eloise bridgerton coded
  • @fleischsalat318
    6:22 "Have you ever accidentally eaten (not vegan)?" "100%" "How would you know?" "You know when it happens because it tastes delicious."😂
  • @Kitkat-qq7oh
    Claudia is a very authentic, down-to-earth, intelligent, and beautiful inside and out human being! I love to watch her in different acting roles and, of course, as Eloise ( no one else could have played it better than Claudia). When you see her in an interview, it will be funny and entertaining. I really love people like this. 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for this video; I just subscribed to your channel, you have a very nice commentary voice: it was a joy to watch this.
  • @Ajareed24
    She is who I believe Junie B. Jones grew up to be 😊
  • @sugaudacity
    1:02 “listen you’re a beautiful man but god it makes me feel sick” DEAD
  • @daantjeexx03
    I love that she is herself and not pretending. I love that about her
  • @michelewilla
    She is hilarious. She does need to be in something where she can riff
  • @tinahauser8864
    Eloise is my favorite character. Claudia does an outstanding job bringing her to life ❤️