Published 2022-11-17
What is the Roblox Oof? Where did the Roblox Oof come from? Who made the Roblox Oof? Where am I, Roblox Oof? Can you help me?

Guinness World Records:
Dinosaur Statue Collection:
Official Skateboard Sound Compilation:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:51 Messiah Is Weird (And Here's Why)
00:07:51 Tommy Tallarico
00:11:31 The Amico Disaster
00:18:06 Tommy Wants Money
00:29:46 The End (Normal People Stop Watching Here)
00:32:30 So, Who Really Made the Oof?
00:48:51 Tommy's Lies
01:00:24 So, About Those Guinness World Records
01:23:26 The Tallarico Event Horizon
01:35:22 Crime Time
01:43:57 Conclusion
01:54:28 Credits

Female Credit: Excavating Recognition for the Capcom Sound Team
by Andrew Lemon and Hillegonda C. Rietveld…

The Street Fighter LadyInvisibility and Gender in Game Composition
also by Andy Lemon and Hillegonda C Rietveld

Music (will update with more when I escape from the pit):

"The Entertainer" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

[End credit music] "Professor Umlaut" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Captions by: Kaylyn Saucedo

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  • Lindsay Ellis
    I'm just glad OSHA has finally got people taking guardrail violations seriously
  • Joseph DeCunha
    Disappointed that you weren't able to verify the claim that Tommy's mother is proud of him.
  • ElecWaff
    "Don't call me an SJW, you have no idea how racist I am" is one of the lines of all time
  • I didn’t intend to watch the whole thing in one sitting, but the writing/delivery/editing was really entertaining and flowed really well. This video was a fascinating descent into madness: I love how at the beginning Hbomb is taking care to say “This is not definitive proof, but hopefully with the greater context presented here, you’ll understand why I personally am not convinced.” and at the end he’s just screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMMY WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS”
  • I’m so glad this got the traction it did. I knew about Tommy through the Amico debacle because of its coverage on the CU Podcast. It was so clear to me that he is a man who makes his living telling people what they want to hear, and never meaning a word of it. I’m just so glad that more people than just the listeners of that podcast can learn just how much of an absolute scumbag this guy is. I would absolutely love to see his legacy continue to crumble
  • Jake Smith
    I personally wanna thank Tommy Tallarico for making this video. I hope he adds it to his resume.
  • Luna Raydue
    I sang in a video games live concert once! They scouted people from my high school chorus and a local church choir. The performance was unpaid, but it was a fun experience. I met Tommy Talarico (without knowing who he was until now except "a guy who worked on a lot of games") and asked him for advice on getting into video game VA. He just kinda looked at me weird and gave some half-baked answer that essentially amounted to "I don't know", which honestly was fair.
  • Music Geekery
    The fact that such an insane rabbit hole can be uncovered from so minor a piece of gaming history really makes me wonder what similar rabbit holes could be discovered. Also, anyone else super-invested to find out if the bookmark finds its way back home?
  • W J
    I actually burst out laughing when tommy said "That was just some shit we made up" I wish he would carry that charisma when questioned on his other stuff.
    Like "Oh the records are real, I payed for them myself, of course they're real."
    "Yes I was on MTV cribs, I was chief audio engineer"
  • Acrylic Hipster
    I really adore how much H.Bomb cares about stuff. Every video that starts with "ha-ha funny joeks" ends with a very sincere mix of passion and exhaustion. It's nice to be able to find some joy in the grim reminder of what a nightmare the games industry is and always has been. In this instance that joy comes in the form of our appreciation for video games as an artform and all the work that goes into them. The preservation of names that go into a product are just as valuable as the preservation of the product itself.
  • Mello Joe
    Tommy seems like the kind of person who would say as a kid, “my uncle works at Nintendo”.
  • הדר פלבר
    It's nice that Hbomb is experimenting with short-form video. Good for him.
  • If we paid Guinness enough, do you think they would give Tommy a record for Most Prolific Liar About Video Game Sound Effects And Music?
  • Lord Laneus
    It's slightly comforting to think that everything has always been terrible, and it only seems so bad right now because everyone has started carrying cameras with them at all times.
  • Mad Séance
    This was amazing, and I just want to say that prior to this, I knew Tallarico entirely as "that guy who plays guitar on Video Games Live who I find super annoying because he's over-emoting and hamming it up like he thinks everybody's there to see him". After two hours of one of the most bonkers deep dives I've ever seen, I can conclude that I pretty successfully extrapolated this man's whole personality from that single data point.
  • Just rewatched this and it's a fantastic watch. The bit at the end about video games history being erased is excellent. I've seen a lot of folks lately celebrating the "50th anniversary of video games" with the release date of Pong, except that Pong isn't the first video game. The Magnavox Odyssey and Brown Box by Ralph Baer predates Pong and there was a lawsuit where it was proven that Bushnell signed the guest book at Baer's demonstration. There's even earlier versions of a "video game" on an oscilloscope. How quickly history gets forgotten...
  • mintyvin
    hey dude just here to appreciate the amount of research and effort put into this video. it's such a deep dive, I know you dedicated so much time into this. at minimum a month. thank you for your effort to entertain us. really shows some people know that effort equals a great payout with the amount of views and cash you got from this, along with showing your genuine interest in the topics you cover.
  • Toozday's Child
    At this point I don't even believe Tommy's mother has ever been proud of him.
  • Daniel Ludwig
    You probably can also ask Andrew Jones, the concept artist who did a ton of work on the Prime games. He could probably say for sure if they gave him that ridiculous "design the weapons after the sound effects" mandate. Andrew did come up with the cool variable arm cannon shape for each weapon, but it's not like they created new weapons from whole cloth. The arsenal of the first Metroid Prime largely consisted of updated pre-existing weapons from previous games, going back to at least the SNES era. So the idea of a whole new loadout of weapons being conceived around Tallarico's work is just laughable, since there's very little room for brand new weapon concepts in the first game. Prime 2 was the first game in the subseries to get a bunch of new beams (Dark/Light/Annihilator, etc.) and he sure as hell was nowhere near that game's production.