Published 2022-11-17
What is the Roblox Oof? Where did the Roblox Oof come from? Who made the Roblox Oof? Where am I, Roblox Oof? Can you help me?

Guinness World Records:
Dinosaur Statue Collection:
Official Skateboard Sound Compilation:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:51 Messiah Is Weird (And Here's Why)
00:07:51 Tommy Tallarico
00:11:31 The Amico Disaster
00:18:06 Tommy Wants Money
00:29:46 The End (Normal People Stop Watching Here)
00:32:30 So, Who Really Made the Oof?
00:48:51 Tommy's Lies
01:00:24 So, About Those Guinness World Records
01:23:26 The Tallarico Event Horizon
01:35:22 Crime Time
01:43:57 Conclusion
01:54:28 Credits

Female Credit: Excavating Recognition for the Capcom Sound Team
by Andrew Lemon and Hillegonda C. Rietveld…

The Street Fighter Lady Invisibility and Gender in Game Composition
also by Andy Lemon and Hillegonda C Rietveld


Music (will update with more when I escape from the pit):

"The Entertainer" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

[End credit music] "Professor Umlaut" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Captions by: Kaylyn Saucedo

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  • @jacksfilms
    Just waving hi to Tommy 'cause he's absolutely reading these comments 👋
  • I'll give Tommy this: Going radio silent after this humiliating video is actually one of the maturest things he could have done. I've seen people go on petty tantrums and abuse the law on creators for less, so it's nice to see someone take a L relatively graceful...

    ... But if you really want a moment to shine, do the right thing: Give the people who worked for you proper credit, old and new. It's not too late to do the right thing.
  • @robit5511
    I think Tommy is under a curse where anytime he's praised, he must come up with a newer and grander lie.
  • Holy cow. Even if everything Tommy bragged about had been TRUE, he still would deserve a Guiness World's Record for the most exhausting person in the world.
  • You're free to criticize Tommy Tallarico all you want, Hbomb. But don't forget that he is quite literally the divine creator of all life around us today
  • Thank you Joey Kuras for giving us one of the most memeable sounds ever, and thank You HB for this insane rabbit hole journey you went through 😂.
  • It's nice that Hbomb is experimenting with short-form video. Good for him.
  • Regarding female Capcom composers getting recognition, I love how Shovel Knight (a game with many hat-tips to Megaman, Mario, Ducktales, etc.) had the original Megaman composer, Manami Matsumae, compose a couple of the levels' soundtracks.
  • @khatmandont
    Your ability to sniff out grifters and fakery is unmatched, between this and your latest video I am so impressed with your work from the research, to the writing, to that charming floral wallpaper
  • @lakegroce685
    I use to love the Guinness world record books. When I was a kid, my parents always let me pick the current year’s addition but I fell out of keeping up with them my sophomore year of high school. I’m almost in my 30s now and to learn that it’s just a for profit company that isn’t really official in any form is kinda heartbreaking. But learning about Tommy makes up for it. The wool was pulled off of my eyes but the view was worth it.
  • @apocalynds
    Fantastic video; just gotta say, as a woman who works in the game industry I really appreciate that specific callout at 1:47:00 of how this dynamic can disproportionately impact marginalized people.

    Often within the industry our idea of contribution and importance is defined by the loudest people with the biggest egos, and it creates an incorrect perception to the people who play our games who is actually shaping this art form they love. Just seeing someone outside of our industry so precisely see, understand, and openly discuss this dynamic was really moving.

    Keep up the good work man. Thank you <3
  • @XanderTuron
    Watching this video again a year later after having watched four hours of hbomberguy tearing apart some more people deserving of it, one thing jumped out at me that I didn't think of before. Tommy Tallarico claimed that the weapons in Metroid Prime were based on the sound effects that he made; here is the thing, pretty much all of the weapons and suit upgrades in Metroid Prime were already in previous Metroid games. The only new upgrades were the three optional charge combos, the thermal visor, the boostball, the Phazon Suit, and the Hyper Beam (also the scan visor but you start with that and don't have to collect it); every other suit upgrade and expansion were returns from previous Metroid games.
  • As horrible as it is that Joey Kuras doesn't get the credit he deserves (and he definitely should), you have to admire with how much grace and dignity he's handled all of this
  • It's pretty sad with that how bad grifters have gotten, just the fact that Tommy has actually composed music, actually performed live, and actually does seem to have some of the awards he's talked about in watered down form, makes him nowhere near the worst.
  • The way this video so perfectly transitions into issues brought up in the recently released Plagiarism and You(Tube) actually sounds like a setup. I know it isn’t, but from this video about a narcissist to the scam that is James is actually insane. Every comment said at the end about history is so tripled down in the next video. Well I’m glad I watched them both!
  • @riatsila144
    It blows my mind that he remembers in detail how involved the process was for making an insignificant sound effect for a game 20 years ago.
    What a legend
  • @Kei-ye8if
    Genuinely, my favourite parts of hbomberguy videos are the extremely poignant conclusions. Beautifully wrapping up wacky descents into madness with genuine and eloquent concerns of our collective human experience
  • @hobosorcerer
    You know I've always heard the name "hbomberguy" but I've never seen his videos or his face. Seeing him for the first time as he eats a piece of paper & starts his script with zero hesitation was an out of body experience.
  • @chuckgunn3086
    The way Tommy repeats his frequent lies word-for-word is actually really common amongst pathological liars. The word-for-word construction of the lie becomes the way they remember the lie so they can keep as consistent as possible.
  • @Omegan01
    1:00:16 "But it turns out, if something is easy to check NO ONE ACTUALLY DOES"
    Boy coming back to this line after the last few days felt like a sock in the jaw.