Close-up Ignition of a Rocket Engine in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

Published 2023-09-17
Gav plops down the high speed camera next to a rocket engine with 45,000lbs of thrust and the results are epic. Big thanks to Firefly for allowing us to film at their facility and BBC Click for letting us use their behind the scenes footage from the day.

BBC feature -    • Super Slow-Mo Rocket Engine Test ft. ...  

Filmed at 2000fps
Close-up Ignition of a Rocket Engine in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys
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  • @ClebyHerris
    I’d love to see more rockets igniting. I absolutely love this
  • @Deltarious
    I'm not sure there's a single person who wouldn't like to see more ultra high quality slo-mo rocket footage. That's some of the most awe-inspiring and amazing footage ever shot
  • Your sound editing during the preignition oscillations REALLY sets this out from other footage, outstanding job!
  • @jsonchin
    Can we appreciate how good this video is? No sensationalization, just a short and informative video with amazing footage.
  • @wadesworldtv
    2:03 when the flame in the cloud of gas begins and is just floating there, being moved back and forth by the soundwaves, my jaw literally dropped. That has to be one of, if not THE most amazing video capture I've ever seen. Well done guys!
  • @shayes.x
    Watching the "floating" flame at 2:16 moving back and forth actually blew my mind. I really hope you get to film more stuff like this!
  • @Willay323
    The ignition is wildly different in slow-mo to what we perceive in real time and that blob of flame hovering in limbo was mesmerizing. We 100% need to see more of this please!
  • @Q1745
    2:19 is absolutely mesmerizing to watch as the pulses affect the flame. Great job capturing this!
  • @CalTek
    I truly hope the team at Firefly was as giddy as we were seeing this AMAZING footage. Simply surreal.
  • For an FX animator this is unobtanium reference footage. I love the pumping before thrust stabilize!
    Excellent job as always!
  • @RogueWraith909
    Footage like this can provide invaluable data to people like those at Firefly. Really stunning to see the engine in action!
  • @purpleYamask
    I love how much this channel is either "Gav and Dan mucking around for the funny" or "Getting actual scientific data of a huge machine like this or the wavemaker"
  • Excellent footage! So glad you did the voice-over indicating exactly what was happening. Very impressive engine.
  • @CyclingGeo
    The sound and the visuals of the rocket powering up was utterly mesmerising. Phenomenal editing and video.
  • @jmanEOS17
    What I can’t get over is that this is at 2,000 frames a second and the flames still looks like what we see on live broadcasts of these launches. It just blew my mind. PLEASE do more of these! Would love to see how a solid rocket motor starts and other liquid rocket motors ramp up to full power. Like those Apollo and space shuttle engineering cameras showed!
  • @user-wy7em7mg1x
    This is without exaggeration the most incredible footage I've ever seen.. Wonderful stuff. Impressed as always you managed to capture it so well.
  • @NeuroApe
    Absolutely more space related videos!!! This would be a great subject area for you all to explore, and you are very well positioned to do it an educational manner.
  • This. Was. So. Freaking. SICK. Definitely one of the top slomos you guys have done. This was genuinely mind blowing to watch. More please!