I bought every Playstation Ever.

Published 2022-08-20

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    This is my first "Gaming" video in about 4 years! Do let me know if you want to see round 2 for this series!
    To see me buy the strangest tech on the entire internet: https://youtu.be/2TqOmtTAMRY
  • NagaFTW
    This concept of moving through the history of a product and seeing its evolution is so fun! U should definitely do more of them on the Nintendo, Xbox etc.
  • Hanro50
    Just a note on the PS1. It was also a middle finger to Nintendo whom had backed out of a deal with Sony for a disc add-on for the SNES. To add salt to injury Nintendo then backed one of Sony's rivals.

    So they basically took the tech they already developed and released the PS1.
  • Hominum
    Just got my ps5, and I have all of them besides the first playstation. They somehow find a way to kick it up a notch every single time. The ps4 amazed me when it released. I didn’t see any way they could improve, and still they did. The UI is one of my favorite upgrades from the ps4. It’s so sleek and perfect. It feels like something straight out of the future. The ps2 is still my favorite and I still play on it today, but it’s crazy how well the 5 outperforms all of them. I wonder how they will improve it with the ps6, but I know they will find a way because Sony always does.
  • xxyanlixx
    In 2000, when the PS2 was announced and launched, the computer stores, magazines, newspaper were flooded with promotions about it in my city. You could see online forums everybody was talking about it, computer malls people were lining up for it. People at early stage were reselling it for profit. It took the world by storm, much like what an iPhone 4/5 did back then. PS2 games like FF, GTA, NFS, MGS, DMC were also very playable too. Definitely a huge part of my childhood.
  • Zodd
    the PS2 controller also introduced pressure sensitive buttons too, games like The Bouncer utilised it a lot.
  • ardjhey calderon
    Great presentation! The PS4 Pro was the very first console that I got and it was already capable of 4k 30fps, some games 60fps, it would've been interesting to highlight how much graphics power is on the PS5 has improved as it's capable of more than 60fps now. It's just said that I still can't get a PS5 here in our country as it's still overpriced. Would Love to see more of this!
  • John Lee
    Something you didn't mention about the PS3, the reason it launched with such a high price tag was they had physically integrated a PS2 inside of the system so it had the ability to play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games natively with hardware (not through software emulation)
    This allowed for full backwards compatibility for all of their titles but drastically increased the manufacturing costs
    As they released different Iterations of the Fat PS3 they slowly removed these features until it was strictly subpar software emulation

    People like to say they want backwards compatibility but if they really did they would have to pay for it, and history shows people don't want to pay for it...
  • Jonathan M. King
    The ps4 was the first design I saw that blew me away. Looked like it was from the future amidst my other consoles set up at my tv.
  • Dr. Sidd
    I know the PS1 seems 'pathetic' compared to current consoles, but I remember the excitement and novelty that it was! It truly felt special, and definitely was the coolest thing ever! My most favourite game was Resident Evil, still playing to this day!
  • Chant
    Wow Arun. This video really took me back. I love how you have not only bought the consoles but also the TVs that was released the same year. I wish u all the luck and hope you get millions of new subscribers. You deserve it!!
  • Leon
    as a fun fact, there are different ps2 startups: when you have a memory card in and there is no storage, the startup will look like this in 4:00 , however, when there is some space, that will be shown by the blocks (towers?) and the more of those are on the startup, the more space you have. nice detail
  • Matsuna13
    Another very well detailed for the Sony’s consoles. Some of my colleagues had PlayStation back in the day and currently got PS4 as the latest. I am a Nintendo girl, but I have tried PlayStation quite a number of times. It’s actually good.
  • SomethingBoss
    You forgot to mention the Ps2 console was the first one that could play DVD movies and TV shows. It's what made it feel more like a home entertainment centre than just a game console.
  • Grayson Floyd
    That's crazy man! Its so cool to see all these old PlayStations compared to newer ones! This is so nostalgic too!
  • gummibando
    Awesome video. Have been a PS and GT aficionado since v1, respectively. Still crazy that the PlayStation pretty much came to life b/c Nintendo ditched a co-development with Sony. What is really impressive with each console generation since the PS2 is the improvement in game fidelity within the lifespan of the console. Games like God of War or Black , released just before the PS3 arrived, looked so incredibly good for a machine with a 300 MHz CPU. A huge boon with the PS2 was that it was the cheapest DVD player on the market at launch.
    Btw. max PS1 res was 480i, not 480p. As in interlaced :)
  • Fawkk YuTuu
    All of PS1 era along with early-mid PS2 era just hit different , that will probably always be my favorite time as a Playstation gamer.
  • ADEG
    When I bought the ps5 I played through the free Astro game that came with it. This game is like a little showcase of the whole playstation history. What amazed me was how many different gadgets and attachments the PS1 had that I never heard of in my life. I guess they were probably just available in Japan. It would be cool if someone like mrwhosetheboss would attempt to collect all these cool different attachments and showcase them in a video.
  • Cystemx
    Man I enjoyed this and the Nintendo video so much , that was a great visual demonstration of video game consoles over the years you should do Xbox next , and to end it all handhelds through the years up to the Vita. starting from the Nintendo handhelds to the more obscure PC engine and so forth , I really enjoyed the whole how much more power each console had part and the boot screens , great video keep it up
  • SoCloseToToast
    So sad what happened with SEGA. First console was a Dreamcast and I still to this day feel it was ahead of its time