San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams | 2023 Week 2 Game Highlights

Published 2023-09-17

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  • @zacbestul9044
    I know its only week 2 but this is probably the best game ive seen so far this year. Great rivalry
  • @truthseeker9454
    Wow, this is one of the most respectful and sportsmanlike comments sections I've ever seen! Really good game from both teams but I'm most impressed by the fans posting here.
  • @stryderblaze80
    As a Niners fan, I want to say the RAMS played a real good game.
  • @40nine99
    Respect for the Rams they played us hard had me nervous
  • Anytime Aaron Donald checks the jumbo screen wondering what happened, you know it was a great play/run. CMC is a box of dynamite!
  • @workayele8372
    As a 49er fan I must be honest puka nacua has taken his first two games by storm he will be something special if he keeps developing
  • @peterbland7227
    Two well-matched teams that know each other soooo well. Nice to see lots of Niners fans in the stands. A Bay Area tradition.
  • @TheGrades90
    Go niners! Happy to see Isaiah Oliver performing well today
  • @achilles9448
    Yeah as a 49er fan you have to get props to the Rams they played really good and puka is going to be a great receiver in this league... And even though Brock Purdy didn't play his best game.. I miss two touchdown passes opportunities... I think the more important thing is that he didn't turn over the ball and played great especially at the end of the first half and give props to the defense as well and I hope Brandon Ayuk gets better I won't be surprised if he doesn't play against the Giants because it's a short week and give props to Jennings who I thought played really well.... Again give a lot of respect to the Rams they can be a really good team this year..
  • @Jonna249
    deebo samuel always puts his heart out there. respect from a rams fan
  • @tmcdon94
    Nacua breaking NFL records is a testament to how great of a QB Stafford has always been. The WR position is reliant on the QB and every receiver Stafford plays with goes crazy. Megatron, Kupp, OBJ etc.
  • @Lycan4647
    As a 49er fan this was definitely Brocks worst performance. He missed two TD passes but still had that impressive two minute drive before the half. With that being said even in a "bad" performance we still put up 30 points and are now 2-0! Bring on the Giants!
  • @rectormusic
    Man, the rams look like they’re getting back into shape, Stafford is a beast. So happy the Niners won but that was a good game.

    Stoked that Deebo is doing Deebo things again, and Purdy is solid as hell.

    Also, so happy we drafted moody as our kicker! I was worried when they let Gould go.
  • It's always fun to watch 49ers against Rams. ❤ always gives me heartattack. Let's go Niners. Let's go all the way 💪
  • @ajurado800
    I'm a Niners fan but the Rams played a hell of a game, especially without Kupp.

    Stafford played very well, Nacua is a legit weapon, and their O-line held back our pass rush way better than I expected.

    Rams are gonna be a serious presence in the NFC West if they keep this up.
  • @MrCdubb.
    As a rams fan, I wasn’t expecting much this season. But after that Seattle game I got excited, then I wasn’t expecting us to win this game, I was sure hoping we did but I am honestly very excited for this year. We could be a playoff caliber team again
  • @craigwebb9318
    Purdy is the man mad respect dude haven't missed a beat since coming back from that injury in the NFC championship game
  • @LegendDG
    As a rams fan good game 49ers. Well played. Was honestly surprised by the Rams performance. Proud of them 👏
  • @lowsta916
    Jennings clutch with the catch and blocks. Underrated.