10 Things You Didn't Know About Stephen Curry

Published 2022-08-12

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  • I knew of Stephen Curry as a "celebrity" but because I am not a basketball follower I didn't know of him as player. This nugget of a video gave me some insight into his contribution to the game, to society, and his uniqueness as a player. I stumbled on this site by accident but I think I will be investigating more players.
  • @lauriedye4577
    Steph Curry is one of the most amazing Basketball players ever. On top of being one of the best Basketball players, he is a terrific person. A soul that is awesome.
  • Imagine, almost killing a player because of being dehydrated and muscle cramps by following and guarding you. Unstoppable Curry😱
  • @user-fm7ex4nd2s
    thats how you know that this is a good basketball channel when even Curry is supporting it
  • @evannaab673
    No doubt in my mind Steph Curry is a great man with a great heart.
  • Ah yes, I tottaly remember the Boston Celtics Fan who Suffocated Stephen Curry in the finals. God loved the Warriors so much he sent him back to life for Game 6.
  • @thenbaconvo
    They ruined Steph's shot in 2k, slowed it down like crazy 😭
  • @SpeedDemonRX
    i remember not really caring for steph his first years in the league. somehow i ended up knowing all these facts about him.
  • @caseysurgent6091
    With the mouth guard aspect, I honestly did the same thing while playing and I graduated in 2014. Some ppl have an oral fixation and if it’s a mouth guard, damn that’s better than a cigarette
  • @kevinadkins2083
    This is my favorite player. He’s the one and only greatest player.❤