Juice WRLD - Cheese and Dope Freestyle

Published 2023-05-23

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    The way he can freestyle like it’s a fluent language is out the world talented !
  • @KarimJovian
    This guy was a real rapper. Sucks he was careless with his health. But he went out how he wanted, truly could have save the rap game.
  • @KarimJovian
    This guy was so young and made references way beyond his time. I guarantee some of y’all don’t know who Milli Vanilli is. Damn he always does that in his free styles. Very smart dude his brain is like a thesaurus
  • @lilz5535
    I love when you can see when he truly locks into a beat like you can lowkey see it in his eyes
  • @UdsuOso
    It’s crazy how you can miss somebody even when you haven’t meet them
  • @exzisd
    Crazy thing is not just putting the rhymes together but having inflection in his voice and coming up with inherent ideas that make sense along with punchlines for days. He was always always always on beat. He was just zoned in. It's like he was in this zen state where he wasn't even there; partially thinking but also totally relaxed paradoxically. I think him practicing all those years in school and trying to impress friends put him in a position to just be prolific. I don't know if he realized how fire he was and perhaps that too is part of his brilliance.
  • @kansuu718
    Feels like juice WRLD came back again after a long break 🔥
  • @meran2518
    It's scary to imagine how many people Juice WRLD inspire... LLJW♥
  • @777fx13
    The speed your brain has to think at to freestyle like him is insane I can’t think that fast
  • His songs and freestyles are all almost from 3-4 years back and they still manage to compete with present day artists he was a lyrical god
  • @XGG-lg9ip
    Это прекрасно! rip juice wrld 😢
  • @talhataha6822
    No autotune,clear vocals,pure talent Juice WRLD 🔥
  • Depois de 5 anos estou pesquisando as músicas dele, continua perfeita ❤🙏
  • @georgex1212
    4 years after... and he is still the best NO ONE CAN REPLACE HIM R.I.P Juice🕊❤️
  • @LincolnE999
    He has a talent no one else has on his flows his inspiration his ways he speaks to our hearts
    The way he talks it’s incredibly inspirational.
  • Lyrical genius. Could go with any beat. Any flow. Master of the craft . Rest in Paradise sweet prince. 999
  • @Joanna-gu5hk
    Unbelievable talent. Sky was the limit for him. RIP
  • @femaledoggy2862
    No matter what your opinion on him is, you can’t deny THIS IS TALENT !
  • @unicenedy257
    It never got old for him, he could go on and on for hours, literally! And he never ran out of stuff to talk about. It’s amazing how natural it all just came to him!