Published 2023-03-09

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  • MasFace
    Brought back the kid from When I Grow Up 💀 I love it
  • Wicked Ways
    This is the most I have ever seen him smile. Wicked talent.
  • Colin Joyce
    I love how bro just walks up and does whatever the hell he wants
  • oldme
    I'm 54. My youngest is 16 and introduced me to NF. Couldn't be happier, this young man is incredible talented
  • Josiah Mubiana
    My gut tells me this is going to be he's best album yet
  • Nathanael Tuft
    He puts the thoughts of my soul into words. I am standing here looking at the world thinking wow, seriously people? Seriously social media? NF has just enough insecurity to break and finally say what we are all thinking. Oh Father in Heaven, help us! Thanks for keeping it real Nate!
  • Radha Patil LIC
    "Congratulations, You can raise your Voice" That was Neat
  • Fireside Studios
    He could be around the best of the best. He could write big hit songs. Make millions and his label would love it. But he has a full proof method. Writing what he likes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's his motto. (Side note: Is that guy at the end slurping a drink the same guy from 'When I Grow Up'?)
  • Matteo Gavioli
    Just saw the Behind the Scenes video of this song, feels extra special after seeing part of the work that has been done for it and the passion of all the fans attending
  • Cedrick
    This is 🔥🔥🔥 So excited for the rest of the album.
  • Nickie22
    You are truly an inspiration Nate.Thank you for being you. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ❤
  • HiRezTV
    SHEESH....confident NF hits different...
  • Bolex B
    NF songs have always been therapeutic
    I’m old skool rap fan. My son played ‘let you down’ for me. NF is so talented. Glad to see him do well. Here for this. Mutha out.
  • Jayx Official
    It’s been a minute and I’m soooo happy to see the man back in action.
  • Kira Alfé
    Haven't stop listening, hypes me up massively
  • JT Casey
    ever song hits… I can’t get enough of this guy
  • Cody
    I really appreciate your music Nate and I can’t wait for more