A Conversation With 13 y/o Me *Emotional* 🥹 w Mattie Westbrouck- #shorts

Published 2022-09-20
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All Comments (21)
  • Isabella
    The face of “This is what I become” is priceless
  • ♡Taffy♡
    “No he’s not the one”💅 That hand flick 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣
  • “you…you… talk to the camera for 60 seconds and you make money?” slay
  • “Is he the one?”

    “No HE wasn’t :does the hand thing: the one”
  • I wouldn't have believed my older self saying "this is what you'll be doing and you will be happier than ever". My life is pretty boring rn, but I couldn't ask for more! I feel so blessed for who I've become 💪💪💪
  • MrblackM
    “So what do you do for a living”
    -“you dont wanna know”
  • Dumbsville
    I saw the ending and I’ve never laughed more manically EVER 💀😭
  • Penguino
    Translator: No he wasn't the one = His abs weren't hard enough for me 😩💖💅
  • Maxie Mcfadyen
    Nah I saw the *emotional* warning but Mattie this is too much I’m literally in tears 😭
  • May
    i was literally dying of laughter when they said "come ill show u" (they dancing) XDDDDDDDDDDDD
  • Jen Cernuto
    Like, Idk where you came from or how I became subscribed to you, but i literally just got off work and found you, went to sub and already was. Now I'm mad i didnt watch you sooner. You are adorable😭😍
  • Dumpling
    I like how at the end it’s the sad calming music, while the screen us having a cesurae and the uncomfortable look of the child 😂
  • The face of “what have I become” is just awesome 👏 well done of how much you have changed and how much you Chanel has grown!!:)(im using a pencil to write this so there may be some mistakes😂😂)
  • Tears at 9 in the morning. 🧡🦋 you are the comfort and light in many many people's lives Mattie ✨️ 💛 you don't even know how much you have done and don't realize 🍃
  • Teivia L
    Thank you for the *emotional* trigger it was so hard not to cry
  • Rin
    I'm in tears,this was so emotional Mattie,especially the ending 😢😢😢