The Dripstone Caves | Custom LEGO Minecraft World

Published 2022-10-29

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  • MR10
    you should add ohio
  • Oskar Wilanowicz
    The fact this man NEVER goes out of bricks is just impressing.
  • IllllIIIIIlllIllI
    Best Lego MC on YouTube. No over the top editing, no clickbait thumbnails, no cringe YouTuber shenanigans, just pure passion.
    Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • JL Studios
    I think my new favorite part of these videos is when you're just tiling the moc. The subtle minecraft music, the slight noise the tiles make, and the lack of a voice over makes those parts so calming. Please keep those parts in your videos!
  • Plankn
    This is officially my favourite ongoing YouTube series ever. I’m subscribed to over 400 people and yet not a single person gets me this excited when uploading an episode for a series like this one. I’m also gonna watch your other videos too while I wait for new episodes
  • Mario Velez
    Thank you so much for featuring my cave spider! I’m so glad it found such an amazing home. Seeing your Minecraft world expand throughout the episodes has truly been an adventure, and gets me inspired every time! Can’t wait to see where this series goes next.
  • Yuimuu
    I love this series! It's my favourite minecraft Lego series on YouTube 😁
  • LN Bricks
    It feels like you're building this every day of your life because it's so perfect and detailed, and you thought of everything, it's just beautiful!
  • Mac S.
    I cannot describe how happy it makes me seeing a new episode of this series pop up in my feed. I instantly click on it.
  • Ki-Adi Mundi
    Cheesey, you have outdone yourself once again like you do each episode! I love that the scale of the models is getting way bigger than your original 8x8 starter module. You’ve truely mastered this style and are the only one out there doing it so perfectly! Can’t wait for the next episode :)
  • SuperiorTuba
    The detail and overall feel of this is beautiful! It’s so accurate and I’m also happy to see the cave spider make an appearance :) after the jungle and village expansion, maybe a plains? It has a classic minecraft feel which would fit well and I bet you can bring a lot of life to it :D love your work!
  • Copper
    Just love the nougat color. When I think of the MOC's I could build if I had hundreds of nougat masonry bricks - I drool. So glad you are a fan of that color too. This MOC is just another example of what a Master builder you are. Amazing Caleb !
  • TheWorstWarlock
    He just never misses!!! Would love more mineshaft builds in the future!!
  • AidanVEnki
    Your channel can be described by one word. Underrated.
    It’s INSANE how much technique, detail, and effort this ONE video has. You mention you BUY pieces for these videos, you edit the music and cutaways perfectly, and it’s entertaining seeing how Minecraft can be made of lego just as creatively!! I’m subscribing for sure, I happily await the next build and I’m gonna go back and watch all the previous ones!🙃
  • Epacana5
    This is honestly such a nice representation of the cave and a effort to make a hanging mine shaft wow, great job caleb
  • Craig Heywood
    I honestly think this series is so underrated you put so much detail into your video's
  • Padaw8n
    Great job on this one, Cheesey! That build is MASSIVE. The amount of bricks per build is incredible. Keep up the good work bro!
  • homu
    Oh wow! This build is just plain incredible. I love the composition of it all, the idea to combine the mineshaft with a dripstone cave is just so big brained! The rails are lovely, the chains are just so so perfect and really have that Minecraft look to them (I also have a preference for chain support over log support). And the dripstone is just on point, pun intended. I like the cheese slope substitute and in my option it provides some visual interest and variety to the stalactites. What a cool module.
  • Iron Mane
    This is probably the best moc you've done, amazing job!!! Also Ik it's been a while since the ice spikes vid but you mentioned you didn't like the custom brewing stand in it. How I do mine is a 2x2 stone Grey jumper plate with and 1x1 yellow cone with a black T bar and two black minifig hands attached to it. Anyways great video!!!
  • Last time I commented you said The End would be the end of the series, but I don't think anybody wants this to end! I think you should keep going! I understand if you get tired of making these. And if you do take a break then we all will be supporting you! 👍