I bought the most SATISFYING TECH on the internet.

Published 2022-10-27
The most Satisfying tech I've EVER seen in my life (from Amazon, Ebay, Wish.com and more) - Get Surfshark VPN at Surfshark.deals/boss - Enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
To check out the STRANGEST tech: https://youtu.be/2TqOmtTAMRY

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All Comments (21)
  • @subhash8509
    Probably the only guy who can unexpectedly rick roll us even when we know that there's a rick roll somewhere
  • We can't just ignore that Arun actually looked satisfied while looking at "bedroom gadgets"
  • * Arun playing with a double pendulum *
    'It's...a little bit more unpredictable, just a little bit.'
    * Meanwhile globally leading physicists *
    'The double pendulum is classified a chaotic device.'
  • @KnifeLover97
    Josh: “what’s wrong? You’ve barely touched your Dwayne The Rocktopus Johnson.”
  • @NotGold
    me in 2016: man this dude is never gonna be big

    me now: I love watching every video you upload, your like my most favourite tech youtuber

    edit: I even made a private playlist with some of your videos in and i would keep them on repeat

    if I had the money I would do you a $25 dollar super thanks
  • @nevergonagiveuup
    Always wait for Arun to go around buying gadgets. It's always fun to watch. He never disappoints
  • @qpol
    “satisfying bedroom gadgets”

    you knew exactly what you were getting into 😭
  • @benedict7090
    You can buy the pot that moves and creates pattern as a coffee table and it is incredible
  • @xavqnesh420
    I don't care how much that chocolate printer, I'm going to buy it.
  • @What28Ever
    For the last two years, this guy has been the only one who consistently caught me off guard with rick rolls, props to you Arun
  • @hoseayjose1551
    Let's appreciate how he sacrificed his scroll on his mouse for a 20 minute video
  • @RawViridNok1020
    Man, this guy spends so much money for youtube. And he explains everything very delicately. Hats off
  • @ejb3_e
    I honestly thought he would say that he was amagining getting perfectly cut fingers
  • @retsy7648
    i love how down to earth arun is. he isnt rotten by his fame hes just a happy go lucky guy
  • @SteeperHornet52
    Plot Twist: The Boss just wants to flex his NetWorth on us.