Paralyzed man walks again thanks to AI breakthrough l GMA

Published 2023-05-25

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  • @drrd4127
    I am a spinal and orthopedic nurse, this just makes me want to cry my eyes out, I am so happy for these people.
  • @carolmcswain2206
    Wow! I had a friend years ago who was a quadriplegic. He was hurt when he was in the Navy. He passed away when he was in his mid-50s from complications from not being able to move. Oh I know his sister wishes that this had been created back then when he was still alive. He was such a dear man. This is good news for all of those have been paralyzed. What a miracle. What an amazing, amazing miracle!!
  • @MintyMoni
    I'm bawling with happiness about this breakthrough. This will lessen human suffering so much, cause people to overcome things we never could have dreamed of in the past....and the fact that Christopher Reeve's son is one of the people reporting it?!
    This is an important sprout of hope for humanity, consciousness, and the bridge from the general population fearing AI to embracing, loving, and understanding the concept.
  • @MizJilly
    I don't watch TV so had no idea Christopher Reeve's son was doing this. I'm so happy to see him doing so well. He's handsome just like his dad.
  • @bhseigel
    Amazing how much Christopher's son, William, looks like his father! Thank you so much to the Reeve family for their sacrifice and continued involvement in the fight for the wellbeing of disabled people everywhere!
  • @slej2502
    This breakthrough deserves a Nobel Peace Prize! Putting AI technology to good use for mankind.
  • @vtdemocracy7520
    This is a truly wonderous sight to behold, and the technology making it possible will only improve. Bravo to the scientists who worked toward this remarkable achievement and to Mr. Oskam himself for going through the process.
  • @sharonneth4231
    I hope this break through is available to the common man today!! We need all of these people back up on their feet and helping the world to make it a brighter place! The Disabiled community has so much to teach everyone! Please remember everyone, we are ALL just one accident away from being Disabled ourselves! The Disabled are apart of us and we are apart of them!!!!! 🤗
  • @heartspeaks
    Amazing! 👏🏽 This is what AI should be used for! Yassss! Love it! Life Changing for many individuals!
  • @k.mccandies1505
    Wow😮! This is amazing to me. Things like this is what AI should be used for!!
  • @TyTyMcGinty
    Will Reeves bringing this fantastic news to the masses. Great way to start the day!
  • Seeing this all I could think of was Christopher Reeve and how happy he'd be to see such a day come to pass--imagine then seeing his son (whom I was not aware of) -that familiar smile in the rock superman chin brought me tears!!
  • @haroldvo
    I wish his dad were also still around. He’s greatly missed.
  • My husband was paralyzed by a medical mistake. We fought for his life for 9 years before he had kidney failure, due to the inability to fully empty his bladder & constant infections. People don't realize how many serious issues are caused by paralysis. Soon these things will be very small & easy to use for everyone. No more being paralyzed for people.
  • @zoyadulzura7490
    Amazing, and it's exciting to think how this technology will change in the years to come. One thing on my mind, though, is how the AI can tell the difference between him thinking about or imagining taking a step, and him actually willing a step? Seems like an important distinction.
  • @mikul2646
    Finally some good news for once. I'm stunned that it's come so far along. It would be a seamless surgery, too. I'm sure in the future you wouldn't even be able to tell they were ever paralyzed at all.
  • This is just unbelievable i’m just shocked that we could do that with the technology that we have right now i just hope AI would keep working in our benefits rather than against us.
  • @verlinden80
    I remember when he was a lil kid on Sesame Street when his dad made an appearance talking about life as a paraplegic. Where has the time gone. Keep up the good work Will. Ur parents are smiling down on you
  • @voidbinary
    It's already amazing a digital bridge can be done like this.
    But what seriously blows my mind is when they mentioned the guy was still able to walk when the implants are turned off.
    Because that actually implies that the brain is capable to adapt and learn from what the digital bridge is doing.
    Meaning it's able to adapt to the alternative circuit and the thoughts established with the digital bridge turned on teached the brain so it can imitate that for movement.
    Which if that is true, meaning if the brain can be taught a new way to do a specific task, could revolutionize treatment of several conditions, f.e like Parkinson's
  • @BazookaToe
    Finally some good news about AI. I’m stunned. This is amazing.