If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse | a cruel prince playlist

Published 2022-02-20
A cruel prince aesthetic playlist. I hope you will enjoy it!

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  • L0st_S0ul
    ‘If I can’t make people smile, I will make them cry’

    Same energy

    Edit: holy- 2.9k!? thanks so much you lot!
  • "I'm in love with a fairytale, even though it hurts."
    Me, a harry potter, percy jackson, and marvel fan:

    great playlist btw
  • It's so nice to see the Belarussian song Fairytale, because I am Belarussian!! It's really rare to see belarussian songs in playlists like these, many people don't know about any of them :))
  • Veronika
    My parents used to be gifted students, I was too. But I feel obligated to follow their steps and every time I don't do something they blame it on my phone or whatever I'm doing. Now my only comfort place are libraries. They make me feel more comforted, because there are many stories I can dig myself into. But every time I finish one, it reminds me of this cruel reality that I'm living. They used to be abused both emotionally and physically, that doesn't mean that I have to follow their steps. When I have my rage outburst, they better be fucking ready because I'm going to spill everything
  • Rio
    I personally think it's interesting that Holly Blank described the folk of the air as selfish and brutal/ bloodthirsty. She placed two human girls in that world that had to adapt to their surroundings. And now look who we dislike the most...

    Spoiler Alert
    Its not the bloodthirsty one
  • Regina Reyes Maya
    I loved so much the Folk of the air saga, Jude is such a Badass! And I loved the character develpoment of Cardan, I love him
    Btw: Loved the playlist
  • 4NG3L_R4T
    Can you do a cruel pirate falling in love and changing their ways for their lover kind of playlist? I think that's a pretty cool concept
    (And I really love pirates)

    Also, absolutely LOVE your playlists!!♥️♥️
  • x z
    this is literally the best playlist I have listened to........
    "LIKE FUCK I DON'T CARE" 😎😈🤘🏽.
  • Zaria Muirhead
    these playlists usually suck a little, and tend to use the same songs over and over, but this playlist really suprised me. All of the songs are perfectly on point for the prompt, and yet there is also a good range, and I never quite know what is coming next. Amazing job, keep up the good work!
  • Elijah Lepine

    Same vibes
  • Lofi Andex
    This song makes me feel so much less alone. It’s so comforting. It makes me feel like I’m the person he’s talking about and just brings a smile to my face no matter how sad/ mad I am. Such an amazing song❤
  • Chia
    I'm making a story of a character while listening to the playlist right now. It's about a king's loyal servant that killed the king's heir so that he can get the throne. When it's the time the king is off the throne, the servant can finally be the next ruler, but instead of making the kingdom better, he watches the whole kingdom suffer in pain and misery by his tyranny.
  • Mal Fischer
    Ended up making an entire character listening to this playlist- I'm definitely going to write about him.
  • Marvel=life
    Is it weird that I basically listen to all these songs on a daily basis
  • Loreteller
    Holy crap, this playlist is amazing! I was hooked the second I heard the first beats of Fairytale!
  • EdensEscape
    same vibes as “if I can’t make people smile..I will make them cry.”
  • coco butter
    “It was you, was it not?” She held the journal in her hands, worn out from old age, as the river flowed out from her eyes.

    It was you. The words echoed through my head, bleeding the shame in my existence. It was me, who hid from her eyes, a character in her story she thought was hers to be with. And I left her heartbroken as I moved my way out. Over. And over, again.

    Gently I caress her face, pain rumbling in each crack and gladness filling the hole of my abyss, the heart of stone. The tunnels vibrate with every beat of our hearts in harmony. You lied, she scoffed.

    "You left! And you lied! Are there any more façade you would like to come clean with?" And anger, I left her with hatred crawling in her veins. In the hands of another man, growing in darkness and scarlet. She tilted her head to the tunnels where the maps are plastered in artistic element and precision. Why me? The question itself hangs in the air with silence, Why me? She asks again. And this time, I did not dare look into her emerald eyes.

    “You took my heart, Elane. Sliced me open under the shining stars, as you offered it to a monster.” With that, her eyes widened as the skies up above. And what hurts the most is that she knows what she has done.

    It was our wedding, the 6th of January, the year 1981. You betrayed me, the exact day you vowed to love, to cherish! To share in every difficulty. Then you left me for dead.

    -PROLOGUE of "And So He Ran" written by @JeSuisMoi022 on Wattpad.