The Amazing Digital Circus Music Video 🎵 - "Wacky World" [VERSION B]

Published 2023-12-23
Visuals created by Cubical Studios.
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This music video is based on The Amazing Digital Circus, created by Glitch Productions and Gooseworx.
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hi there you’re the latest jester
added to our beta testers
wipe that silly frown away cause there’s no need to be depressed here

floating eyes and smiling teeth
ringmaster of insanity
please don’t rag at the fact that this place hijacks your humanity

this new home feels like a prison, even though he says it isnt
i don’t know what to believe in
gonna make me crazy

why is this happening and
what am i doing here and
how am i ever gonna
get out of this fcking place

what what the hell was that
i can’t take this anymore
my god, this whole wacky world just makes me wanna fcking scream

come with me there’s lots to teach ya
the gang’ll just love to meet ya
let’s go on some goofy aah adventures i made just for you so
eat this goop it’s green and slimy
look at that we’re teeny tiny
let’s surf pipes of different types inside a desktop from the ninety’s

when our purpose starts to fade
we’ll feel our minds decay
our memories become so distant
soon we all will be erased
abstracted and displaced
can’t comprehend our own existence

stranded for eternity
stuck eating food that’s 3D
we can’t be trapped here can we?
sorry to burst your bubble but you will be!

the new member of the band,
pawn in someone else’s hand
feel like alice here in this forsaken wonderland
please tell me it’s just a dream
that it’s not all that it seems
this whole wacky world just makes me want to f*cking scream

Can’t escape don’t even try
just loop up omnipresent eyes
are stalking you and taunting you to watch as you decay and die so
don’t deceive or run or flee
just listen to the king or he
will cast you to the zoo below with those like you who try to leave.
🎙 Song Credits:

Production- Andy Gill
Lyrics- Andy Gill, Micah Preciado, Zachary Preciado
Performed by- Avalon Delaney, Andy Gill

🎬 Video Credits:

Directed By- Andy Gill
Story- Andy Gill, Micah Preciado, Zachary Preciado
Layout- Andy Gill, Micah Preciado, Zachary Preciado
3D Animation- Andy Gill, Alex Ulrick, Micah Preciado, Scott Smoker, Zachary Preciado
2D Art/Animation- Aaron Bell, Elijah Delaney, Janae Lepire, Madeline Schroeder
Modeling/ Surfacing- Aaron Bell, Andy Gill, Emmett Mitchell, Micah Preciado, Scott Smoker, Zachary Preciado
Scene Assembly/ Final Layout- Andy Gill, Aaron Bell, Micah Preciado, Zachary Preciado
Lighting- Andy Gill, Aaron Bell, Micah Preciado, Zachary Preciado
Compositing- Andy Gill
Rigging- Andy Gill
Editing- Zachary Preciado
Pipeline Development- Andy Gill, Richard Frangenberg
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All Comments (21)
    LOVE THIS!!!! So clear that a tonne of love and effort went into this and the result is amazing! 💖🎪
  • @Roboliteroast
    The person who wrote the line “Let’s go on some goofy ahh adventures” Definitely deserves a raise
  • @ivykistler2078
    Pomni: Having a panic attack Caine: Doing a silly dance in the background.
  • @Arya-kr8rx
    Pomni: Having a literal panic attack Caine: 🕺 🕺 🕺 🕺
  • @TateGeswein
    “Let’s go on goofy ah adventures” 💀
  • @charlieking66
    After 0:59 it made me understand who good the quality and animation was.
  • The animation in parts 2:05 to 2:22 is INSANE!! 🤯 Edit: GLITCH I am your biggest fan I became obsessed with TADC sense the first episode we love you and we appreciate all your hard work!! Can't wait for episode 2!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • @Ant_Eater78
    “Let’s go in goofy ah adventures” -sun tzu art of war
  • @narcotic_9459
    I like that during Caine's verses he subtly says everyone names, For example: "please don’t 'rag at the' fact" - Ragatha "'hijacks' your humanity" - Jax "the 'gang’ll' just love to meet ya" - Gangle "just listen to the 'king or' he" - Kinger "will cast you to the 'zoo below'" - Zooble Idk thought it was a nice detail
  • Thank you all so much for watching this music video! 🎪 This is one of the fastest videos we've ever been able to make- it took around 1.5 months to complete and I'm super proud of the result! Huge thanks to everyone that helped create this music video, and thanks to Glitch and Gooseworx for creating The Amazing Digital Circus!!! If you haven't seen it, check out the ALTERNATE ENDING on Cubical! Happy holidays, everyone! :
  • Pomni : singing about how she wants to get out and is trying not to go crazy Caine : sings about happiness and dances the different Dimensions
  • @dino67670
    I like how when the characters are abstracted you didnt make them look like kaufmo when hes abstracted bc we wont know whos who