10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Costco in November 2023

Published 2023-11-05
So many people have shopped at Costco but not taking advantage of the best products they have! Watch this video and see what you're missing out on in Costco November 2023!

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I've been shopping at Costco store for these items for years. People have been asking me for an Costco haul or another Costco secrets video and what things they should be specifically buying at Costco US, Costco Canada and Costco Australia. This 10 things you should buy at Costco video should help you find something of the best things costco store and costco shopping 2023.

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In this video The Deal Guy is showing you what to buy at costco and some of my favorite costco tips and hacks. This video should make you search Costco hours. You may have seen a video from the channel FlavCity or FoodTheory, so I hope you find this video just as informative and you learn some Costco secrets so you can do your own costco haul.

This costco haul 2023 is a costco shop with me that is showing what is new at costco and the best costco deals. These Costco shopping secrets are things you should always buy at costco at costco 2023. I hope you enjoy this 2023 costco video!

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  • @thedealguy
    It's COSTCO DAY - my favorite video of the month!! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a THUMBS UP as it really helps my channel 👇🏼What deals are you looking for this Black Friday 2023? Let me know 👇🏼
  • @andi.4pf
    My favorite of all your videos are the Costco ones. Thanks for the hard work you put in to help save us money 😊
  • @JamesLui
    Of all my YouTube subscriptions most I set the playback speed to 1.25 or one and a half faster, but yours is always the perfect pace to digest all the greatest information you have every single time you post! A true professional reviewer!
  • @joegon6278
    For that Samsun Odyssey monitor be sure to check it for dead pixels, that particular sku has been notorious for that issue, I would also hold on to that receipt because a lot of early adopters have reported screens going bad a short time after purchase. It also has bad backlight bleed which means you can see the white light around the edges of the screen. Samsung is clearing these out because of these issue which is why they are marked down so cheap, buy at your own risk.
  • The RIP mango smoothie graphic is a high quality touch. Deal Guy is on top of his game
  • @callyoop1186
    I love your Costco videos, they're my favorite. I always like to shop there first, and your videos always help me see what's there at the best prices! And I love your sense of humor added, it always makes me laugh, and you really have a way of keeping people's attention! Thank you so much! Truly
  • @coloraturaElise
    About the Kirkland popcorn: I've been buying it for about 10 years to serve to my high school students on test days.....they love it! But the price has gone from 9.99 pre-COVID to 14.99 now. That means the individual packs went from 25 cents to 35 cents--still a good deal, but makes more of a dent in my slim teacher's pocket!
  • They had the pastel de nata last year and they were sooooo good. I'm part Portuguese and pastel de nata are by far my favorite dessert. I'm so glad they have them again. I'm going to get a couple boxes because we went thru the last box in no time
  • @bellawatkins2312
    It’s always great to see you! I’m forced to watch other presenters when I can’t find your videos, but out of all of them, you are the most professional, and enjoyable to watch. Your voice is pleasant and does not grate on the nerves; you sample the foods and make me want to buy—you’re just the best overall. You do a lot of Dollar Store videos, but I don’t watch those; my favorite are the Costco and Sam’s videos! Thanks for your hard work!
  • @kimmee9387
    I always love the energy you give when reviewing all of the stores. Thank you Thank you Thank you😊
  • @amystreasures
    For anyone interested in the bamboo foil and plastic boxes, I have them and buy the Costco plastic wrap. It fits in the bamboo box easily. It's great timing that these came out now, because my mom was recently commenting on the plastic wrap box being a pain to use since we're about halfway through the roll.
  • @kevinfan726
    Fun survey. Whenever you say "I love you!" I always yell, "I LOVE YOU TOO!" because you are so adorable. I hope you're the same with your family as you are in the videos. <3
  • Your energy is inspiring. I do love the deal advice for Costco but you Aldi and dollar tree are the ones that get me to the store! I need that anything pan!!!! I love their selection. Inspiring too that dollar tree has actual brand name items as well as knock offs! I'll be getting that sunscreen! Thanks for the awesome deals you alert me to!!! Thanks a million!
  • @first1fggh234
    We own the folding chairs. We absolutely recommend them. Easy to store, easy to clean and comfortable to use.
  • I have a Sam's memberdhip and i still watch your Costco vid cuz THAT is how good you ARE Matt! ❤
  • @salsarmemimi7292
    Thank you for showing the gift wrap. That is the only gift wrap I ever buy. I look forward each year to purchase it. Best quality paper you will find around. Blessings to you from Texas.
  • @mfinite689
    My local club has the Life Comfort 60x70 sherpa throw blankets for $10 after a $5 instant savings. They are a favorite item in my household as we head into the colder months. Great video as always!
  • @dianaroque8458
    Before I even watch your videos, I always push the thumbs up button. You have a lot of rivals out there on Costco but yours is the one I can't wait to see🎉😊
  • @freda9809
    Wow! Every month I think there's nothing new or interesting for me, you surprise me again. Greatly appreciated. I also shop for family members and they're happy with what I pick out for them.
  • @micheledi5032
    We just bought the 9’ Christmas tree. It’s Full, so many color and white led lights. Very impressive. Thanks Matt