Minecraft But, I FORCE My Friends To BUILD A HOUSE.. | Minecraft Top Comment

Published 2022-09-16
Minecraft, but my friends have one minute to try build me a house.. Tell me what you want to do next episode, try get the top comment!

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All Comments (21)
  • @KingChoco1
    Suggestion for next vid - play the game blindfolded and get other YouTubers to guide you around to complete some goals 👍🏻
  • @silh3345
    Next video, make all your friends finish the interior of the house, but as a twist to not have it be a copy of this they all have to do the interior at the same exact time without being able to communicate with each other. In other words it would be complete chaos and hilarious to watch.
  • @adalon378
    Grian would be a such great architect! None of his clients would ever forget him.
  • @PolluxaC
    I love how Pixl, when given only a minute to build, actually did some wall texturing in a state of panic and delirium.
  • @caizananr401
    The fact Grian didn't just blow up the house to make it better shows how much he has grown. lol
  • @minisamuri2
    Is anyone that surprised Grian decided to add his face to this amalgamation of a house?
  • @rilyne.
    i love how grian memorised how to make his face, its just ingrained into his memory at this point
  • @grutarg2938
    If this was a competition, Pearl wins. She tied the strange colors together and made a gold block roof look pretty good with nice side windows, all in 1 minute.
  • Grian may not be the life and soul of the party— —But he sure loves to drain the life and soul out of Jimmy. Ah, he and Mumbo are so similar…
  • No one: Absolutely no one: Grian: hold on just gotta download that real quick
  • This is actually a fascinating social experiment. Some people will focus on detailing one small area of a wall, roof etc, and some people are industrial and flesh out what is already there. Some people will collaborate with their block choice to tie different areas together, and some will just use the blocks they want to use in their space. And then there's.... Grian.
  • @Pastaplays22
    Grian's section is just him being iconic. Being late to solidarity's streams (or videos in this case) and putting his face where it doesn't belong
  • @oliviaomoore
    I love Grian coming in and claiming the house as his own. Great job to everyone.
  • @reekahstinks
    "Considering I blacked out halfway through" Pix feelin the pressure 😭 I thought 1 minute was way too short at first but seeing everybody try to fix whatever that monstrosity of a house is and scrambling because they have no time is hilarious 🤣
  • @Xephyra
    We should really thank grian for installing minecraft just for this challenge. What a great friend.
  • @out_lash
    I've never seen OrionSound before but I am very impressed by his calmness and ability to adapt under pressure.
  • @PauI.
    grian making excuses is just hilarious, and then the grain head on the roof 💀#blamelizzie
  • The best thing about this is how grian at this point has memorized how to make his own face like the narcissist he is