Interstellar 3D Engine v1.7.1

Published 2024-03-13
Interstellar 3D Game Engine

Empty Engine

Make your own textures here:

-Update 4/23/24 v1.7.1
-The island is now solid (may be optimized later)
-Added red color on broken meshes without materials
-Fixed bug when colliding with multiple face edges
-(improved movement)
-Added option to disable sorting for mesh
-Sprites now have a L/R rotation toggle
-This uses attribute 10
-Update 4/14/24 v1.7
-Optimized sorting in most scenarios
-Slightly optimized quad collision detection
-Removed redundant error message
-Improved sorting of objects
-Manipulate position blocks now affect points/sprites
-Sprites now have special effects
-This uses the change attribute block
-Attribute 6 is rotation
-Attribute 7 is color
-Attribute 8 is ghost
-Attribute 9 is brightness
-Update 4/13/24 v1.6
-Added add cuboid block
-Added add plane block
-Added add pyramid block
-Added add sphere block
-Fixed bug with backface culling materials
-Fixed bug with collision detection
-Fixed bug with movement
-Fixed bugs with loading meshes
-Update 4/7/24 v1.5.2
-Fixed set mesh of object block (Objects Sprite)
-Update 4/5/24 v1.51
-Fixed sprites
-Update 4/4/24 v1.5
-Significantly optimized player collisions + physics
-Greatly improved player physics
-Update 4/4/24 v1.4
-Cleaned up engine
-Added Render Toggle block (objects sprite)
-Added Get Attribute block (objects sprite)
-Added 3rd Person Camera Distance variable
-The skybox now rotates with the camera z rotation
-Removed documentation
-Update 4/2/24 v1.3
-Cleaned up engine
-Shrunk engine by a lot
-Update 3/19/24 v1.2
-Added frustrum culling for quads
-Added frustrum culling for tris
-Added frustrum culling for lines
-Added frustrum culling for points
-Added set Render Priority block
-Update 3/18/24 v1.1
-Optimized static meshes
-Optimized quads
-Optimized tris
-Optimized lines
-Optimized points
-Improved movement slightly
-Update 3/12/24 v1.0
-Fixed many collision bugs
-Optimized collisions
-Added bounding spheres for collisions
-Fixed numerous bugs
-Fixed 3D Audio being buggy
-Tidied entire engine
-Added change attribute block (expert)
-Added solid invisible objects
-Update 3/10/24 v0.9
-Added collisions (buggy)
-Fixed many bugs
-You can now change z-clip distance
-Added more stuff I can't remember
-Big Update 1/27/24 v0.8
-Added Sprites
-Added Quads
-Added Static Meshes
-Added collision detection
-Update 11/15/23 v0.7
-Added points
-Added Lines
-Added Triangle Units
-Update 11/14/23 v0.6
-Added STTF 2 textures support
-Numerous other changes
-Previous versions?

Rocketship model from:

I made the island model myself

Music from Minecraft