✨ Emo crying screaming ✨ Art ✨

Published 2022-11-14
Brutally screams and cries
A little to much art here oopsies

If you call me a furry your unoriginal, think of something better before insulting me, or just, idk, l e a v e

Sorry for the bad watermark on everything people like stealing my art ☠️

Edit Nov 23: 3 on trending for art

Credit to @ccrunner266 for the black swipe code
Credit to @CapitanFluffy for the don’t advertise code

The program I used for the art is Procreate
I have way more art on my DA and TH btw
Also, art commission info if interested:

1. Lighting test that turned out really good
2. Oh no hes drowning wait untill he realizes he can breathe underwater
3. Broken wings so sad omggg
4. New OC his name is Baxter Benedict isn’t that so cool guys he works with Lint Blackwell guys don’t ship them guys guYs- (jk you can I don’t care)
5. New Basil Hemlock reference (he has way to many reference sheets lmao)
6. Basil Hemlock before ✨ trauma ✨
7. My sister @KirbyGirlyGamer made the sketch and I finished it for her because I could ☠️
8-10. Thumbnails
11-16. My main OC being stupid /j
17-23. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/756137924/
24-27. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/760478010/
28-29. I’m really proud of these lol, I really like the style I did for it!
30. Idk how to feel about this artwork, on one hand I really like it and on the other hand I don’t ☠️
31-32. For some pirate AU with my friends lmao (eye character in second image belongs to @theEYEflash)
33-38. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/761181896/

SONG: Pyramid song - Radiohead
I’ve been listening to this song on loop it’s a problem ☠️
I love Radiohead’s music sm
I found them by the song creep (I know, cliche)
And honestly their other songs are so much better then that one ☠️☠️
Idk why creep got so popular lmao
And Radiohead doesn’t even like that song pfftt
Ok ima stop lmao

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