✨ I need to stop making ✨ Art ✨

Published 2022-11-02
You see I put Obsidian and Ginger on the thumbnail because everyone loves those two lmao

Bruh I need to stop drawing for a bit my wrist is d e a d

Not as much art this time oopsies
Also sorry for only really posting Art dumps :’)
Sorry for the bad watermark on everything people like stealing my art ☠️

Also just letting you guys know I haven’t been working on Doctor Duties at all XDxDxDdxDx

Credit to @ccrunner266 for the black swipe code
Credit to @CapitanFluffy for the don’t advertise code

The program I used for the art is Procreate
I have way more art on my DA and TH btw
Also, art commission info if interested:

1. Very proud of the lighting on this :)
2. Also very proud of this lol idk what I was going for it though ☠️
3. That’s a deal darling! (Inspired by a Pink Floyd album cover)
4. The leaders
5. Not hunter from TOH *cries*
6. Fancy boi
7. My main OC got an upgrade B)
8. Atlas
9. Cassi (OC originally belonged to @Unicorn_Dreamerszs)
10-11. Thumbnails
12-19. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/752491710/
20. Fall colors
21-22. PFPs
23. My favorite OC :flushed:

SONG: Howl - The Family Crest
I love this song and Beneath the brine so much lmao

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