Scratch building v5.5

Published 2022-10-07
This project is being developed for the Japanese language.
The latest version is all in Japanese.

To tell the truth, the author does not understand English very well XD

Please report any parts that are not translated.

Is there something wrong with the translation?
Please report to the administrator.

〜⛓️Remix tree⛓️〜

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〜⛓️Frequently Asked Questions⛓️〜
Q.What is the yellow cat?
A.That is a rich cat. Pay double the normal fee.

Q. What is "Cat mode"?
A. When you tap a cat, you can see its status.

Q. What does the happiness level mean?
A. Less happiness means fewer cats; conversely, more happiness means more cats.

Q.How to increase the number of rooms?
A.It can be done from the list button below.

Q.How many days are maintenance fees deducted?
A.Once every seven days.

Q.How do you use the commands?
A. Send "help" on the command screen to get a list of commands.

〜⛓️shortcut key⛓️〜
[S]キー Skip music
[M]キー Short Night Sound

sound effect:SE-Lab , Scratch
Train picture: @11002267sts
command:@Masaabu_sub , @wood_sword ,
title name:@wood_sword

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