Scratch RPG Editor with GUI

Published 2022-10-08
If lag is experienced while using the palette meta editor (pressing 'P' in edit mode) press 'L' to enter 'lite mode' which only shows the collision pins for the currently selected tile. This mode is automatically activated with mobile controls.

If using mobile controls to edit collision pins 'X', '1' and '2' widgets must be deactivated to choose a different tile.

This update adds animated tiles and fixes the castle/dungeon tileset palette layout!

Episode 9 of the Griffpatch Tutorial. I added mobile controls, working signs, a visualizer to see the collision in the editor, and a way to override collision (for ladders and bridges). Please read to find out more.

***Palette meta editor for collision pins***
1) Open Editor (with '0' or click pencil in mobile mode)
2) Press 'P' to toggle collision pin drawing (pin drawing is automatically activated when X-button, 1-button or 2-button is clicked. Note: toggle 'lite mode' with 'L' if lag is experienced
3) Press '1' with mouse over pin to draw it (hold '1' and move mouse to draw automatically). When using the mobile controls this function is toggled on and off and clicking will draw the pin.
4) Press 'X' to remove the pin drawing (hold 'X' and move mouse to remove automatically). When using the mobile controls this function is toggled on and off and clicking will remove the pin drawing.
5) Press '2' to set tile meta data to collision override (for ladders, etc. to ignore collision). Hold '2' and move mouse to draw automatically. When using the mobile controls this function is toggled on and off and clicking will draw the pin.

***Mobile controls***
Click the phone icon at the top left.
[Pencil] edit mode
[!] dance/spin (hold to activate, click to spin forever/click again to stop)
[Eyedropper] picks a placed tile
[Two Squares] activate tile tracing from the palette
[Two Circles] change joystick focus from player to palette and back again
[Layer Cycle] loops through layers in order
[Onion] toggle layer dimming (only active layer appears solid)

***How to use signs***
Signs can only be placed in edit mode. They can be placed on any layer. You will be prompted by an ask/answer box if you want to put something on the sign. To add nothing just leave the ask box blank and press enter. To read the sign exit edit mode then click (or touch) a placed sign to read it! If the text is too long you will see a [...v] at the end of the line, click either the sign or the message box to read the rest. Delete a sign the same you would any other tile.

***To play with keyboard only***
-WASD or Arrow keys to move or scroll palette
-The movement keys bind to the either player movement or palette scrolling depending on what the mouse is touching.
-'0' to bring up editor palette
-'E' to pick a tile already placed
-'F' to set cursor to empty mode (for deleting)
-'Spacebar' (not in edit mode) dance

-'Spacebar' (in edit mode) use tile tracing as follows:
(1) Hold down spacebar after picking a tile from the palette. Moving mouse over build area shows what will be placed.
(2) While still holding the spacebar, hold down the mouse button to paste all nearby tiles.

-'1', '2' and '3' to switch layers respectively. Pressing the same key again activates onion mode.
-'4' while in edit mode to toggle the visualizer on and off independantly of the "palette meta editor" (may cause lag on low end hardware, use with caution)

Be sure to check out Griffpatch's tutorial series

Code and Tutorial - Griffpatch
Tileset - O_LOBSTER,
Avatar - Vryell,

Control stick code - Griffpatch,

Basic text engine - Griffpatch,

On-screen buttons and signs code - Me

Thanks for reading to the bottom of the notes and credits! If you check all 12 signs you unlock something for your character ;). *Note* the sign beside the ladder doesn't count but it is worth reading any way....

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