[OPEN] 40k Cloud Contest by TimMcCool

Published 2022-08-02
To participate, just remix this project! Note: New Scratchers can't use cloud variables.

➥ My 3D Platformer is now available on Replit: https://replit.com/@1Tim/3D-Platformer-Demo-v191
Leave a like to support it!
➥ 40k Celebration Project:

DEADLINE: 9th September 2022
➥ Projects shared after the deadline will not be judged!

JUDGING: Your project will be judged based on ...
➥ the implementation of cloud variables: It should use cloud variables in a creative way
➥ quality: It should be as polished as possible
➥ the idea: The project should be based on a creative and original idea

➥ Rank 1 - 20 get a love
➥ Rank 1 - 10 also get a favorite and a comment on their profile
➥ Rank 1 - 3 (maybe also rank 4 - 7) get a follow from my account!
➥ Rank 1 - 3 get a shoutout on my profile!
➥ The winner gets all the prizes listed above + follows from prize givers

IDEAS: You can create cloud clicker games, cloud platformers, games with cloud highscores, cloud board games and more!

@-rex- for Pen Text Engine
Music: Elektronomia - Energy
I got the audio track from @s434853
Scratch for the pen icon in the thumbnail
everything else by me :)