Scratch's Smooth Saturday: Extras V3

Published 2022-10-07
This entire game is inspired by friday night funkin, developed by ninjamuffin, kawaii sprite, phantom arcade and evil sk8r

New: in v3
Ported to Scratch's smooth saturday 1.5
New songs: Conscience, Deflector, Pinku, Ultimate champ, Experimental, Midnight, Funny joke, Elephant (REMIX) and... something else?
Added achievements!
Remastered beta and cracked

@ae10754 for creating Scott and the base of his poses
@Kraken_113 for creating Charles, Cooper and SBB
@yespes for creating Eggshell and tappy eggy
@SonicsLimitFan for creating Terra, her poses and her vocals + pinku's background
@ThatPizzaTowerFan for composing experimental and the elephant remix, and making sclarti's poses
@BoyMan9813 for composing ultimate champ

One last thing, thank you guys. The support for what I'm making has been overwhelming and no matter what I'm grateful for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you enjoy this project!