Published 2022-11-03

Use your game controller to insert coins in order to play this game!

If you play it on your phone, please note that Itch has the O and X buttons mapped wrong. If you play it on a keyboard you can use the arrow keys to move, XMV to shoot, and ZNC to bomb.

Fire bullets at the invading enemy. COLLECT CHERRIES! Cherries can be spent by bombing ---OR--- by collecting 10 cherries to earn a new spaceship.

Pretend you are a teenager and try to get the High Score!

Hey guys, I am an architect, not a programmer. I made this game to capture some nostalgia from my teenage years when games like Galaga were available to play at the back of your convenience store.

This game exists as an artifact of the shmup tutorial by Lazy Devs Academy. Thanks Krystman for allowing me to pretend I was a game developer in the late 1970's!