Cherry Bomb

Published 2023-06-12

Cherry Bomb is a basic arcade Shoot 'em up game (Shmup) reminiscent of Space Invaders or Galaga. Pilot your red spaceship to blast your way through 9 waves of attacking aliens. Use the following controls:

Shoot the enemies to destroy them. Enemies will attack you. Destroy or avoid all enemies in a wave to proceed to the next wave. There are 9 waves in the game. If you get hit you will lose a ❤️. If you lose all ❤️ you lose the game.

Occasionally, defeated enemies will drop a 🍒 pickup. Collect them to increase the strength of your Bomb. Triggering the Bomb will deplete your 🍒. You cannot use the Bomb if you have no 🍒.

If you collect 10 🍒 you will restore a ❤️. If you already have 4❤️ you will get points instead. After collecting 10 🍒 your stock will always reset.

Here are ways to score in the game:

The game will keep your highest score. Post your best results in the comments below!

Cherry Bomb was created as part of a tutorial series about how to make your own game from scratch. If you also want to make a game like this check out this thread!

This game was written and designed by Krystian Majewski, an Independent Developer and the host of the Lazy Devs Academy video channel.

The music was composed by Sebastian Haßler, a music composer for film, TV and videogames.