Desynced Katana (Jam+)

Published 2022-07-06

I made this game as a submission for  Lost Relic Games - GAME JAM

The sprites, music, and sound effects are all made by me.

Click here to go to My YT channel.

Patch notes for the Jam+ version

New Features

  • Added level 6
  • Added a death counter
  • Added hardcore mode

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer get hit by multiple enemies at once
  • Boss bars are now more accurate
  • Fixed boss sound inconsistency

Visual Changes

  • Changed the boss bar UI
  • Block sprite change
  • Health and dash indicator change
  • Clearer indicator for when an enemy is vulnerable
  • Main menu drawing now has eyebrows
  • Changed the player's sword trail color


  •  Added new inputs for walking
  • Blocked attacks no longer give slow motions
  • Reworked the first level
  • The Shadow Master and The Sword Master rebalanced
  • And other minor fixes/tweaks

If you have trouble with the game mechanics, I recommend going to my YT channel and see my gameplay. I'm sorry for my poorly done tutorial.