Keep It In! 3

Published 2024-05-15



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How To Play (This may seem long, but it's just a lot of pictures!):


Click the blocks on the outside to light them up. The ball cannot pass through a lit-up block, but it can pass through a clear block. The blocks turn back off after a couple seconds, so you have to click them again, but the ball will keep getting faster, so see how long you can keep it in! Click the BounceCoin icon while in game to pause.

Neo Classic Mode:


In Neo Classic Mode, you can change the ball's direction... so long as it's within the big circle. Collect the bonus blocks with it's movement! (You can get even a crap ton of lives or BounceCoins with it at the right angle!)

Multiball Mode:


As time goes on, more balls will start to show up on the screen and bounce around! They are subject to life loss, so you have to be sure to keep ALL of the balls on the screen in! (I mean, you have 20 lives, it can't be that hard!)

Timed Mode:


You've got unlimited lives, but you're on a 120 second timer, so make your time count!

Speedball Mode:


Like Classic Mode, but the ball goes as if you had +100 points, making for some extra speedy challenge!



One life only. No life bonuses. How far can you get?

Reverse Mode:


Start at 200, and try to get down to 0! This mode unfortunately isn't compatible with the leaderboards.



Bounce to the beat! When the blue circles show up, click them, then click the block, and the ball will fly towards it! Be careful! If the ball escapes here, you lose 5 points, and there is no delay! This could really impact your score at the end!

2.5D MODE:


This mode will surely add HALF an extra dimension to your KII3 experience! The ball can go into the background, and you must keep it in there as well! It may not come all the way back up, which will then make the ball a little smaller and harder to catch, making for an extra challenge!



Like Classic, but now, you're up against asteroids and UFOs. The ball can destroy asteroids, but you can also click on them for more points! The ball cannot destroy UFOs though, but they do not affect you if you do not click them. (UFOs give even more points!)


Buy backgrounds, gamemodes, and new skins for your ball with the BounceCoins you've earned while playing KII3!

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let me know! If you like the game or have something to say, be sure to leave a review!